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Voltage fluctuations or frequent power cuts can occur due to electrical faults, short circuits, lightning, faulty wire, and several other factors. These factors can result in overvoltage or under-voltage issues, damaging the electrical equipment. A voltage stabilizer is used to avert situations that provide an effective power solution to all the electrical appliances vulnerable to voltage fluctuations. 

In other words, a voltage stabilizer is a type of electrical appliance that supplies continuous power to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any input or power supply conversions. Its primary purpose is to secure an electrical appliance from high or low power fluctuations and other power-related issues. The voltage stabilizers are also termed Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR). The stabilizer maintains an output voltage range between 220V to 230V for single phase supply and 380V to 400V for three-phase supply.

The stabilizers are obtained in the form of single units which can be used for electrical appliances like TV (LCD/LED), refrigerators, AC, music systems, washing machines, etc. You can even get a bigger stabilizer unit that can be used for all the electrical appliances for the entire house. Additionally, such stabilizer units are available in digital or analog.

Besides, there are several other features added to a stabilizer like:

     Input/output low power cut off

     Input/output high power cut off

     Excess voltage cut off

     The output starts & ceases provision

     Automatic/manual start

     Power cut off display

     Zero power switching

Let’s check a few of the effects of power fluctuation:

Effects of Constant Over Voltage

     Permanent damage to connected electrical appliances.

     Winding insulation damage.

     Incidental suspension of a load.

     Additional damage to cables and connected appliances.

     Deteriorate the longevity of the electrical appliance.

     Electrical appliances getting non-functional.

Effects of Constant Low Voltage

     Low- performance of the appliance.

     Longer duration to function.

     Resulting in developing fault in the appliance.

     Pulling more voltage leads to overheating of appliances.

     Motors operating with low speed.

The functionality of a voltage stabilizer is similar to that of a UPS used in a computer. Both are used to balance the power fluctuations and provide an optimum power supply to all electrical devices; in the latter case, it’s the computer. However, before purchasing a stabilizer, you should have a clear knowledge of its functionalities.

Functions of Stabilizers

     Stabilizes the voltage during power fluctuations. It involves voltage delivery or discharge from the main voltage supplying unit.

     The voltage is brought down to an optimum level to support a steady power flow to all electrical appliances.

     It uses electromagnetic regulators to tap changes for auto-transformers. 

Types of Stabilizers

While buying a stabilizer, you must keep in mind which appliance you’re going to use it with. There are 2 types of voltage stabilizers available:

     Single-phase stabilizer – used with home appliances

     Three-phase stabilizer – used with only high-power motors 

Role of Stabilizers

     Digital stabilizer – has a cut-off during high voltage and operates best as a tv stabilizer.

     TV/ Music system – has an auto-restart functionality for restarting after a power supply interruption.

     Refrigerators – protect from burnout due to high temperatures with thermal overload inbuilt protection.

     Air Conditioners – the presence of a time delay system provides the optimum time for the compressor to adjust during power cuts.

     Washing Machines/ Treadmills – enables power efficiency through a rush current ability that helps proceed with the current flow in these appliances. 

How to Select the Perfect Stabilizer?

Certain things need to be kept in mind before buying a voltage stabilizer. A few of them are:

     Understand what kind of stabilizer is required for which appliance.

     Check the power rating of the appliance from the nameplate. It is a sticker found on the backside of the electrical appliance.

     Power wattage needed by the electrical appliance.

     Stabilizer type.

     A functional array of the voltage stabilizer.

     Very high voltage or too low voltage cut off.

     Stabilization type.

     Type of installation area.

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