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In the past few decades, technology has truly come a long way. Lighting is a critical part of any home’s aesthetic and practical requirements. The realm of lighting is very advanced, and one can prescribe different kinds of lighting for the different spaces in a home, office, or outdoor environment, too. What started as an invention born out of necessity, is now a part of the decor as well, and can make quite a statement, while also fulfilling a huge variety of needs.

We are all familiar with the basic tube lights, bulbs, and task lights. Those relatively simple machines were revolutionary by themselves, and have evolved quite a bit since their inception. As time passed, we were all introduced to light dimmers, colored lights, and fancy lighting fixtures that can elevate the look of the space they’re in. Today, technology has evolved a notch further and is now offering “smart lights” to the everyday consumer. These devices are truly futuristic and have changed what lighting can do for you.

What are Smart Lights?

Smart lights are built on the idea that electronics must be energy efficient, intelligent, future-ready, and convenient to use. Smart lights connect to your home or office’s WiFi connection and can be controlled from your phone, or home automation device. Since they are connected to our phones and home automation devices, they can be controlled even by speech.

Yes, you can now ask Alexa or Cortana to switch on your bedroom light or switch off your kitchen lights. These lights are usually LED lights, and hence have a much smaller carbon footprint than your average bulb, too.

What are the advantages of buying smart lights for your space?

Buying the newest, most advanced piece of technology may not be much of a deciding factor for you, but there are a plethora of other reasons why buying smart lights just makes more sense for most of us. The reasons are as follows:

     Smart lights consume much lesser electricity

With carbon footprints becoming more and more important in today’s world, making sure you make eco-friendly choices is critical. A smart light is an LED light that consumes less power than a halogen or traditional bulb. Since you can also dim their intensity when needed, they also consume lesser power when you use them at lower intensities.

     Smart lights offer 10,000+ colors

Smart lights are usually capable of producing 10,000+ colors. These colors can be achieved and regulated using the relevant app on your smartphone. Companies like Wipro, SYSKA, & Phillips make smart bulbs that can produce about 16,000+ colors. While these can feel like extra features, it is truly a joy to change up the color and intensity of your room’s lights, depending on what you’re up to.

When you are working or studying, white light is your best bet. About to tuck into some dinner? A soft yellow is wonderful and warm. You can turn your lights a soft red or orange when watching TV with the family, and you can turn them green and blue when you are throwing a party at home. A soft pink glow is ideal as a night light, too.

     Smart lights can be timed and scheduled

Off to work in the morning? You can ensure that your lights are all on before you get home in the evening. After all, why should you step into a pitch dark home? Need a little light before you fall asleep? You can program your smart light to switch off an hour after you fall asleep, to conserve energy. You can also time lights to switch on and off for safety reasons if you need to.

     Smart lights are really easy to use

With so many features, it can seem like smart lights are difficult to get the hang of, but they are easy to use. Smart light applications are extremely user-friendly, and since we always have our phones close by, they are easier than getting up to switch lights on and off, for sure. With voice control, ease of access is even better.

Brands that sell Smart Lights

Phillips, SYSKA, and Wipro are high-quality and trusted brands that sell advanced smart lights on Reliance Digital. You can buy smart lights of all kinds at the best possible prices. Shop for your appliances, gadgets, and more, right here on Reliance Digital to ensure a smooth shopping experience!