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Isn’t it wonderful when the music you’re listening to or the video you’re watching, becomes personal and relaxing? That’s the beauty of headphones or earphones. They allow you to feel the music loud and clear, create a feeling of an open, 3D sound, and block the outside noise, so that you can immerse yourself in the audio or video experience thoroughly in the comfort of your own surroundings. Today, you can spot everyone connected to a headset- whether they’re on a jogging track or in a crowded train or in a café.  Headsets these days include features that cater to a variety of needs. Let’s explore them.

Types of Headphones at Reliance Digital

From top brands to incredible functionalities and shapes like travel headphones, in-ear, on-ear headphone, wireless headphone, etc., be prepared to discover an endless range of headphones and earphones at Reliance Digital.

1. Over-ear headphones:

·         Super comfortable fit with big, plush earpads or headbands

·         Fantastic sound quality

·         Good passive noise isolation 

2. In-ear headphones:

·         The best portability due to a much smaller design

·         Often waterproof and sweatproof which makes them perfect for sports 

3.  On-ear headphones:

·         On-ear headphones are smaller in size, their earcups cover the ears

·         They come with a foldable design

·         Audio quality is similar to over-ear headphones 

4.  With Mic Headphones:

·         Features extra bass and clearer sound quality

·         Sleek, lightweight and allows you to manage your calls on Android or iOS devices

5.  Travel Headphones:

·         Compact and wireless

·         Powerful noise cancellation

·         Great portability and customizable sound

·         Longer battery life 

6. Noise Cancelling headphones:

·         Equipped with technology that eliminates distracting background noise

·         Feature a mini microphone within that picks up ambient noise

Choosing a headset in your budget

a.  Headphones under Rs. 1000

Lightweight, compact and loaded with features, these simple headphones have an impactful sound profile, have multi-function buttons, and ensure hands-free call & music management.

b.  Headphones under Rs. 10000

With intuitive call and music controls, longer battery life and playtime, HD sound quality, memory foam ear cups & headband, and full touch controls, these headsets & earphones offer an advanced music experience.

c. Headphones under Rs. 20000

These premium devices offer a world-class experience, as if listening to the music up close & personal. Their features include wireless connection to all your devices, in-built charging inside the case, high quality sound, sweat proof bands or plugs, long battery life, etc.

d. Headphones under Rs. 30000

These headphones are ideal for those who truly appreciate craftsmanship and attention to detail.  They allow you control music, send texts or receive calls just using your voice, and include touch operations that work intuitively with you.

e. Headphones under Rs. 40000

Designed for the ultimate wire-free experience, these headsets and earphones are equipped with digital noise cancellation as per your environment, in-built voice assistant, and unrivalled sound quality.

Best headset brands to buy online

1.  Sony Headphones

Sony headphones offer high quality, wireless audio with Bluetooth technology. They provide extra bass, long battery life and a compact design.

2.  Bose Headphones

A perfect blend of performance and style, Bose headphones are impact resistant, have multi-function buttons, and offer an unparalleled hearing experience.

3. JBL Headphones

Powered with a long battery life and available in different shapes, and for various purposes, JBL headphones feature intuitive technology, multi-point connection, comfort fit, hands-free call management and more.

4. Philips Headphones

Whatever your lifestyle, there's a pair of Philips headphone for you. Wired, wireless, Bluetooth enabled, noise-free, Philips headphones promise a great range. Features include micro efficient speakers for strong bass and clear sound, lightweight design, smart call management, etc.


5. Reconnect Headphones

Reconnect headphones have an easy to carry, foldable design, enable you to answer calls in a touch, and have a long battery life.

Find your ideal headphone at Reliance Digital



Your search for the best headphones and earphones ends at Reliance Digital. Buy headphones online from leading brands like Skullcandy, Apple, JBL, Boat, etc. with the latest features and at the best prices. Select as per brands, features, prices, compare products, read reviews, and find your perfect headset online at Reliance Digital. 

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