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Buy Epilators Online in India at Best Price

Have you ever been in a situation where you had the perfect dress to wear to a party but just couldn’t do so because of the unwanted body hair? At times you can’t make it to a salon to get a hair removal treatment done. Moreover, many of you might even want to avoid the pain procedure. On such occasions, shaving is the best option to fall back on. With epilators, you can easily get rid of all the unwanted hair from your body, leaving your skin smooth and supple for many weeks.

Unlike regular shaving blades, the hair is pulled out from the roots and relives you for weeks. Markets are flooded with several types of epilators packed with advanced technology and making way for you to select the one that best suits your requirement. Some of them are corded and cordless devices, some with several attachments and then there are the ones that can be used on wet and dry skin.

 Benefits of Using Epilators

     You don’t have to visit a salon for using this device.

     It is a one-time expense for hair removal and lasts for years.

     Unlike hair removal creams, it does not require the usage of strong chemicals.

     Due to its compact size, it is easy to carry this device in your handbag or purse.

     Regrowth of hair occurs at a slower pace since the device extracts hair from the roots.

     By using an epilating device, your skin becomes smooth.

Types of Epilators

There are three kinds of epilators available based on different technologies.

     Epilators with rotating disks.

     Epilators with coiled springs.

     Epilators with metallic plates with tweezing effect during movement.

How to Choose the Perfect Epilator?

Selecting the perfect epilator for women to get rid of body hair depends on your specific requirements and of course, the size of your pocket. You can check the specifications mentioned below and decide:


     Easy and painless hair removal device.

     Devices of different sizes are available. Your choice will depend on which part of the body you want to use it on.

     Both corded and cordless devices are available.


     Easy peach fuzz removal device.

     Sensitive and portable facial hair removal device.

     Works without causing skin irritation.

     You get a flawless look.

     Can use the device as wet and dry.

Trimmer and Cleanser

     It works as a facial hair remover as well as a skin cleansing device.

     The device has a facial trimmer and a cleansing brush attached to remove the peach fuzz and deep cleanse the skin.

     You can remove makeup and dead skin cell with the help of the cleansing brush.

How to Use Epilators?

Check the process of using epilators to get a soft and smooth skin on your body:

     You can use a few cordless epilators on dry and wet skin. 

     To get a smooth finish it is advisable to exfoliate a day before using the device.

     After shaving, you should apply a mild gel or moisturizer to the skin for nourishment.

     For peach fuzz removal from the upper lip, you can use a pen-shaped face epilator. Also, it helps to flaunt your popped lipstick and lip gloss.

Find the Best Epilators from Reliance Digital

To experience quick and pain-free hair removal, get the perfect epilator from Reliance Digital. Give your skin a baby soft feel by using the right shaving appliance and get noticed. From different epilator brands, choose the one that matches your requirements.


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