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Keeping It Cool On Sweltering Hot Days

Whether you have guests coming over or you simply want to beat the unbearable heat, having an air-conditioner or an air cooler is a must in every home. They eliminate the heat generated inside your home from other appliances and also from your own body. After all, a cool and comfortable atmosphere helps us function better.

Initially, only window air conditioners dominated the market. But with the advent of technology, split air conditioners and inverter ACs also have a great demand.

Choosing the Ideal Air Conditioner

Before you buy AC online, make sure to consider its energy efficiency rating. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency determines the power of an AC based on a rating methodology- starting from 1 star to 5 star. Higher the star ratings of an AC, lesser the power it consumes. The following table can help you understand the advantages of ACs with higher energy efficiency.


Star Rating

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Cooling Capacity

Electricity cost/day

Savings per month


Around 2.70





Around 2.90





Between 2.9 to 3.09





Above 3.3





Above 3.5





Types of Air Conditioners

      1. Window AC

These are wall mounted and are apt for a small room with a window space. They are quite pocket-friendly and the maintenance cost is also low. You can choose from window AC 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2-ton window ac, depending on the size of your room and the window space where it’ll be installed.

2. Split AC

Split ACs are too mounted on the wall and are typically used for large rooms as their cooling capacity is quite high. They do not require windows for installing, and come with a condenser and a compressor. It comes in various capacities like 1 ton split ac, 1.5 ton split ac and 2 ton split ac. Split AC comes in various colours and patterns that can change the entire look of your room.

3. Inverter AC

A large number of buyers prefer inverter air conditioners today. It is because they are manufactured in such a way that they save 30-50% power over a regular AC. In an inverter AC, the compressor is put on active mode all the time. It is the power requirement that keeps varying. The speed, power, and technology automatically adapt to changing needs. You can choose from a range of window inverter ACs or split inverter ACs of varying capacities, the best one being a 1.5-ton inverter ac.

Shopping for Air Conditioners Based on Price Range

       1. Air Conditioners Under Rs. 25,000
Mostly available as 1- or 1.5-ton window ACs and split ACs, they provide exceptional cooling and features like anti-bacterial filter, dust filter, copper condenser, etc. They require very low maintenance and are energy efficient.

2. Air Conditioners Under Rs. 25,000-35,000

At a price of under Rs. 35000, you can expect to features like negative ion filter, turbo cooling, auto climate technology, multiple sleep modes, auto leakage detection, etc.

3. Air Conditioners Under Rs. 35,000-45,000

At this price range, you can look for 1.5-ton or 2-ton inverter ACs with features like active energy control, dual inverter, power chill mode, economy mode, etc.

4. Air Conditioners Above Rs. 45,000

These ACs come with advanced features like variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load, lowest-noise operation, precision cooling, dual rotor inverter technology, etc.

Bestsellers in Air Conditioners

       1.  IFB air conditioner
They provide effective cooling, power savings and versatile features like Titan Gold Evaporator, 6 Stage Filtration and 100% Copper tubing. They also have an aerodynamic 360-degree blower and a Heavy Duty Compressor.

2.  LG air conditioner

With Dual Cool technology, Gold Fin compressor, High Grooved copper, Active Energy Control, Smart Diagnosis on app, LG air conditioners provide true cooling performance even at high ambient temperature.

3.  Reconnect air conditioner

Reconnect ACs are backed by the most reliable compressors that are supported by a warranty of 5 years. These ACs have features like Anti Rust ODU casing, Anti Fungus Feature, and high-quality inner grooved copper tubes for longevity and better performance.

4. Samsung air conditioner

A special feature of these ACs is the Alloy Condenser Coil, which is more affordable compared to copper condenser coil. They also have features like Triple Protection Plus, automatic temperature control, and convertible modes.

5.  Voltas air conditioner

Upgrade your home to Voltas air conditioners, it’s a smart built ac providing fresh and clean air with self-diagnosis system and auto-restart features.

So, if you choose to buy AC online, check Reliance Digital for the best prices, offers, brands and features.