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Water Purifiers

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Buy Water Purifiers from Reliance Digital:

Most of us heat water at home, some filter it, others merely grab the nearest bottled water to ensure pure drinking water - is that good enough? Water purifiers give complete protection from unwanted salts, removes bacteria and unwanted solids which the above mentioned methods fail to do. To ensure you and your loved ones always drink safe and pure water Reliance Digital offers the widest range of Water Purifiers from RO, UV, silver nano technology, with alerts/indicators related to water level, tank full & filter change indicator. All this and more from leading brands: Aquaguard, A.O. Smith, Pureit, Kent etc.

Shop for Water Purifiers at Reliance Digital Stores:

Drop in at any of our Reliance Digital stores and explore a range of Water Purifiers. Our friendly and well trained staff will assist you in buying the water purifier that you are looking for. Compare the water purifiers displayed at our counter, ask around for any assistance including prevailing special promotions discounts and exchange offers- our staff will only be glad to assist you. And, we are sure you will find something that suits your requirement.

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Worried about how to ensure safe drinking water? Get useful insights on choosing the right water purifier and other interesting topics- all within Resource Centre - your personal destination on how to get more from your gadgets and appliances.

Check out our Buying Guides, How tos within Resource Centre that also includes Product Reviews by our panel of reviewers who actually use, calibrate and measure each aspect of a products worth.

Water Purifiers Price List

S.noProducts - Water PurifiersPrice
1Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Direct flowing type Instant UV ...9,299.00
2Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 5 litres RO+UV Water Purifier, ...20,990.00
3Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 7 litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purif...17,990.00
4Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 6.5 litres RO+UV+UF+MTDS Water ...18,490.00
5Aquaguard 6.2 litres RO + UV + TA + AC Water Purifier, ...16,990.00
6Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 4 litres RO+UV+MTDS+ZPP Water P...23,799.00
7Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 7 litres RO+UV Water Purifier, ...15,190.00
8Aquaguard 6.2 litres RO + UV + TA + MC Water Purifier, ...13,990.00
9Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 6.5 litres UV+UF Water Purifier...11,990.00
10Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 7 litres RO+UV+TDS Water Purifi...17,000.00
Water Purifiers Price List updated on 12-7-2021