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Buy Smart Speakers Online in India at Best Price

As technology advances, so does the realm of artificial intelligence. Way back in the day, we all associated artificial intelligence with robots that could perform human tasks, and devices that can write their own code. While those days may not necessarily be too far away, today, there is no dearth of AI appliances in the electronics market.

While true AI executes tasks without necessarily having to be commanded, commonly available AI devices are able to execute tasks that are relatively complex on command. Today, AI devices can:

     Set and execute alarms

     Jot down detailed notes and lists for you

     Give you timely reminders and important notifications

     Play music of your choice, and also recognize tracks that are playing

     Play podcasts of your choice, and suggest similar ones for you

     Read out the news to you

     Share weather updates with you, and give you weather warnings

     Pull any information off the internet

     Control certain devices at home

     Help in home security measures

And much more. Many of the devices we use today rely on some or the other form of artificial intelligence, a really popular addition to the normal household in the form of AI, is the quintessential Smart Speaker.

What is a Smart Speaker?

A smart speaker is a kind of indoor loudspeaker that has the ability to respond to and execute intelligent voice commands. They serve as virtual assistants and are generally activated by the help of a key phrase or word, which is generally just the name of the AI it relies on. We are all familiar with people saying, “Hey Siri, tell me what time my flight is,” or asking “Alexa, could you play pop music?”

Portable Smart speakers rely on WiFi, bluetooth or ethernet connectivity to ensure that they have access to the internet at all times. Smart speakers are a breakthrough invention of sorts when it comes to technological advancement. With the ability to convert speech into commands, AI has come a long way, and is now able to help many people live more comfortable lives!

Why Should You Buy a Smart Speaker?

As times change, so should our technology at home and at work. Just as we grew accustomed to video calls and team meetings on a virtual level, we must upgrade our electronics when introduced with more evolved technology. That being said, here are a few practical reasons why investing in a smart speaker is a great idea:

     Smart speakers make home automation a breeze

Portable Smart speakers easily integrate with other smart appliances and make home automation extremely smooth. With your smart speaker, you can command it to shut down your TV, switch lights on and off, or even change the modes on your air conditioner. More and more devices are being built with home automation capabilities, so it just makes sense to go with the flow, and buy portable smart speakers, too.

     Stay organized, and on time!

It isn’t often that you are able to set alarms that are loud, and do not stop until you are wide awake. Smart speakers are quite loud, so you can bet that they will definitely wake you up on time, whether or not your phone’s alarm works.
Smart speakers are also able to give robust reminders, so you can ask Alexa, Siri or Cortana to remind you to take your medicines, walk your dog, or put your dinner in the oven to cook. This ensures you do not lose track of time, and reduces clutter on your phone.

     A powerful smart speaker can replace sound systems

A good quality smart speaker can be used as a regular speaker as well - it can play whatever music you ask, and it can also connect to your devices in order for you to be able to watch films and TV shows at a better volume. Instead of buying a regular speaker, it is just better to buy a smart speaker.

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