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Buy Smart Cameras Online in India

Making sure you keep you and your family, or your workplace safe is a basic necessity. Whether it is to keep them safe from unwanted intruders or to make sure you record staff movements, having security cameras and smart CCTV cameras has become more and more important. Especially if you have a standalone property, making sure you have security cameras in place at multiple points of the property is important. Opting for smart cameras is a convenient way to do so.

Wireless smart cameras are also employed to make sure babies are monitored, and are commonly known as “cradle cams” or baby monitoring cameras.

What are Smart Cameras, and What Features Do They Have?

Smart cameras are cameras with added features.They are not just cameras that record and file information, they are also capable of sending it away to cloud storage, and can also file it all by date and time. While these features are still quite basic, certain smart cameras have lots of powerful features, such as:

     Facial detection

Yes, the smart cameras of today even offer facial detection. Brands such as Qubo, CP Plus, Dlink, & Realme available on Reliance Digital, offer a powerful smart home security camera that can easily tell people apart. This has a great potential for making sure security is never compromised, and can also ensure that your family or work facility remains totally secure against intruders.

     Mobile App Connectivity

Smart CCTV cameras come with mobile apps that are installed into your phone, free of charge. These apps stay in sync with your smart camera, and they ensure that you can very easily check and sort through all of your footage.

     Real-time remote viewing

Smart cameras allow you to view footage, as it is being captured, in real-time. Real-time remote viewing gives you the assurance of making sure your child, or any area that you have placed under surveillance, is safe and secure.

     Noise detection

Certain smart cameras are even equipped to detect unusually loud noises, which can mean that there is some sort of commotion or distress. The detection of these unusual sounds can send an alert to your phone, just in case there is any cause for concern.

Baby monitoring cameras, like the kind available on Reliance Digital, even offer a baby cry alert, and an intelligent auto lullaby function to ensure your baby stays peacefully asleep.

     Motion detection

When it comes to baby monitoring smart cameras and smart home security cameras, making sure there are no unusual movements is key. In the event of weird movement, a smart camera will be able to let you know in a matter of seconds, via your phone.

     In-built storage and battery capabilities

The smart cameras have a huge capacity for inbuilt storage and battery. Even in the case of a power outage, a smart camera makes sure you can still retrieve footage if you need to. Smart cameras avoid any situation wherein there might be loss of footage, in order to ensure total safety.

Brands to Look for When Buying Smart Cameras

Reliance Digital has a huge range of brands that sell high-quality and dependable smart cameras for you to buy. Shop from reputed brands for your smart camera, such as QUBO, CP Plus, D Link, & RealMe.

Shop for dependable and trustworthy smart cameras to make sure you are purchasing a surveillance device that will serve you for years to come. Reliance Digital’s range of security devices and wireless smart cameras is unparalleled when it comes to range, and is also available at the best possible prices. Buy your smart cameras, and all your home appliances, right here on Reliance Digital to ensure you get the best possible deals.