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Semi Automatic Washing Machines

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Buy Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Online in India at Best Price

With the help of household appliances, daily chores have become easier and hassle-free. There are washing machines that can wash and dry multiple clothes within a few minutes. Based on your laundry needs, there are several brands of washing machines to choose from as well. You will come across two types of washing machines that are semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines. These appliances are easy to operate and repair. 

Features of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

 A semi-automatic washing machine includes two tubs, one for washing and one for drying. You will have to manually move the clothes from one tub to another. There are multiple advantages of using a semi-automatic washing machine: 

     Semi-automatic washing machines do not use water continuously. This helps you to make a conscious choice. 

     It includes a wash cycle of a small duration

     The semi-automatic washing machines are lightweight and easy to move. 

     The semi-automatic washing machine allows you to minutely control the washing process with a lot of features and options on the control panels. This ensures that you have the freedom of selecting the right wash instructions for your clothes.

Now that you know what a semi-automatic washing machine is, let us look at some of the best semi-automatic washing machines that can match all your washing requirements.

Some of the Best Semi-automatic Washing Machines

LG 7 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine: 

     This semi-automatic washing machine comes with a rat-away technology that prevents rats and rodents from entering the machine.

     It is also equipped with a Wind Jet Dry feature which allows the air to flow from outside and help dry the clothes.

     It is one of the best semi-automatic washing machines and also has 3 wash programs (Gentle, Normal, Strong).

     The machine is laced with a lint collector and collar scrubber which comes in handy.

Samsung 8 Kg Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with Hexa Storm Pulsator:

     This machine is equipped with Samsung's Air Turbo Drying System, which faster dries the clothes.

     The machine comes with a feature called the Hexa Storm Pulsator which helps keep the fabric of clothes soft for a longer period of time.

     The magic filter of this semi-automatic washing machine catches all the lint inside the tub to keep the fabrics clean.

Whirlpool Ace Turbodry 9 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine:

     It has a lint collector to prevent the lint from ruining the fabric.

     The machine comes with a feature called Dynamic Soaking.

     This semi-automatic washing machine has 3 washer settings to clean your clothes depending on how dirty they are.

     The machine has an in-built scrubber to get rid of the chronic stains.

Find Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Online at Reliance Digital 

Semi-automatic washing machines come with features like the auto-soak or the collar scrubber feature which gently and thoroughly cleans your clothes. The semi-automatic washing machine is budget-friendly and comes with a lot of advantages. With just a few easy clicks of a semi-automatic washing machine, you will get clean and soft clothes every day. 

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