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Buy Latest Samsung Tablet Online in India

Tablets are smaller and more portable devices that allow you to make phone calls, comfortably read e-books, create and carry out beautiful one-on-one presentations, capture and share high-quality images, and attend meetings. With this perfect utility device, the possibilities are endless. 

Samsung is one of the leading brands that provide top-of-the-line tablets that are known all over the world. Their Galaxy series of tablets have a wide range of products varying from one type of usability to another. Covering all price ranges from low to high, Samsung provides an option for customers with all kinds of budgets.

Characteristics Of Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Whether you want to brush up on the news during your lunch break or want to catch up on your favourite show when you're not home, you can always rely on your handy tablet. Different models have different screen sizes, processing powers, and display capabilities. These factors generally differ according to Samsung Tablet Price ranges. Still, Irrespective of the price range and model, one thing that is assured about Samsung Galaxy Tablets is their build quality and up-to-date features. To list a few - 

     Screen size -  Samsung Tablets come in screen sizes in the range of <9 inches, 9-11 inches, 11-13 inches, 12-15 inches

     Storage size - Even the lowest models offer ample storage space starting from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and ending at 512GB

     Cameras - Samsung Tablets come with a front camera of a minimum of 2 mega-pixels and a back camera of 8 mega-pixels

     Memory - Samsung Tabs have high RAMs starting from 2GB to a maximum of 8GB

     Colour - Samsung Tablets come in a wide range of aesthetic colours with different variations of silver, black, gold, pink, blue, etc.

     Battery Life - Most Samsung tabs average about 7-10 hours of battery life, depending on the model.

Some Notable Samsung Tab Models

     Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

An economically friendly option at a price range of around INR 17,000, the Samsung Tab A7 comes with a screen size of 8.7 inches, measuring a slim 8.0 mm width, and a weight of only 371 grams. It is extremely portable and does not weigh you down by feeling heavy on your back. 

An ample storage capacity of 32GB and a slot for a micro SD card can increase storage up to 1 TB and a respectable processing speed due to its RAM of 3GB. It can contain high-resolution pictures, videos, movies, etc., and stream your favourite OTT platform shows in high definition without lagging.

On top of that, it has a very easy-to-understand user interface with a gesture-based menu that allows you to return to previous pages, check your opened programs, and go back to your home screen with minimal effort. It also comes equipped with a "Samsung Kids" option that lets you monitor your child's apps and creates a safe and protective environment for your child to play in.

If you need to keep your child occupied, you can allow them to use this tablet and do your business without a worry in mind. Regarding Safety, Samsung Knox delivers defence-grade security to protect your private data from most malware and malicious attacks. 


     Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

A model that sits comfortably in the medium price range at around INR 27,000-INR 30,000, the S6 Lite shows off a larger 10.4-inch screen size yet maintains a slim and light build. It also comes with an S-Pen to sketch or take notes on the go. It is a great option for young adult students with an eye for designing and sketching or for those just starting their corporate careers.

The S6 Lite comes with a sleek cover with a slot for your S-pen so you can attend your lectures, work on your designs and catch up on your study notes and look good while doing it. Its slim build and sleek design make it easy to carry, and it is available to cop in Oxford Gray, Angora Blue, or Chiffon Pink. Its ONE UI 2 software makes operating it seamless and convenient and amps up its features such as sound quality, keyboard colour customisations, dark mode, etc. 


     Galaxy Tab S7+ 

The galaxy Tab S7+ is in the premium range. Sitting pretty at a price of over INR 60k+, it is one of the most desirable tablet models. A 12.40-inch display with a staggering 6GB of RAM and a 1.8 GHz octa-core, Inbuilt storage of 128GB with a slot for a micro SD card up to 1 TB, a front camera of 8 megapixels, and two rear cameras with 13 and 5 Megapixels, it is one of the best tablet models in the market. 

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