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Buy LG Washing Machine Online  at Best Price in India

A washing machine is one such appliance that resolves a lot of inconveniences in no time. Wearing clean and washed clothes is a part of our daily regime, but washing clothes is a big challenge. The challenge multiplies with the number of clothes and the amount of dirt. It takes a lot of effort and time to hand wash the clothes. Thus, to get rid of this difficult situation LG washing machine is a big welcome in almost every household. It has become an appliance of necessity for people.

LG is one of India's most popular washing machine brands and accounts for manufacturing numerous high-end advanced technologies washing machines. While purchasing one, you can either go for an LG front load washing machine or a top load one. Moreover, by using hi-end technology, LG facilitates an excellent washing experience where you can easily get rid of all the dirt and tough stains in no time.

Not just regular laundry, these washing machines can efficiently manage heavy laundry like thick blankets, comforters, carpets, bed covers, and even sleeping bags. The make and design of the LG washing machines are unique, with space-saving and energy-saving features.

Types of LG Washing Machine

LG provides two types of washing machines:

     Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

     Automatic Washing Machines

LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

     Available in different colors and capacities.

     Budget-friendly, less water, and low electricity consumption washing machine.

     User-friendly control panels delivering desired performance.

     A semi-automatic washing machine is of 2 types – single tub and twin tubs.

     In single tub machines, the complete washing process is done in one tub, whereas in twin tub machines, the process is done in 2 separate tubs.

     The latest washing machines from this category will include different wash programs like gentle, normal, strong, and soak.

     To protect the outer cover of the appliance, most of the upgraded versions will have a plastic base to avoid rust. Also, a rat repellent chemical protects it from any damage.

     The collar scrubber feature in the new versions helps clean tough collar dirt easily.

     Your choice of a semi-automatic washing machine will depend on various factors like capacity, features, size of the family, water usage capacity, and power consumption.

LG Automatic Washing Machine

     Available in different colors and capacities.

     Advanced cleaning technology for better results.

     Ensure damage-free cleaning of your clothes.

     Hi-end user-friendly control panel to get the best cleaning experience.

     They are available in 2 variants – top load washing machine and front load washing.

     The front-load washing machine has LG ThinQ and Wi-Fi connectivity features that enable users to do their laundry from any place and time as per their convenience.

     Some other features include Spa Steam Technology, Turbo Wash 360-degree, Smart Diagnosis System, Tub Fresh Technology, etc.

     LG top load washing machine is integrated with sophisticated hardware and technology such as i-Sensor, Smart Inverter, Turbo Drum, Direct-Drive Motor, Jet Spray technology, etc.

     The RPM rate of the automatic machine is higher, which ensures greater spin speed and quick drying.

     The washing machine has multiple wash programs for easy and damage-free cleaning of different fabrics.

Choosing the Perfect LG Washing Machine

With so many variants of LG washing machines available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one. However, you can choose one based on your family’s needs, budget, and convenience. Check the below-mentioned points to select the perfect LG washing machine:

     First of all, you need to decide which type of washing machine you want to buy; semi-automatic or automatic.

     Next, depending on the size of your family, you have to select the capacity, for example, 6 kg, 6.5 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, etc.

     You can even choose the color that appeals to you most.

     Next, you should decide whether you want a top load washing machine or a front-load machine.

     Also, check the features and select the one that matches your requirement and preference.

     You can even check the features like minimum water, electricity, detergent, and space consumption.

     Warranty is another factor that needs to be taken care of. Check for the warranty period and things that would be included in it. In most cases, LG washing machines will have two different warranty coverages, one for the whole product and the other for the motor.

     Lastly, budget is a crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind while buying. You can compare one LG washing machine's price with the other. Also, compare their utilities and select whichever is perfect for you.

     Also, whichever washing machine you choose, if anything goes wrong within a warranty period, LG will provide after-sales service. Several authorized service centers are available across India.

Find the Latest Washing Machines at Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital offers a wide range of latest LG washing machines with advanced multi-functionality features. Check the models carefully, understand the features, compare the price range and buy the one that fits your preference list.



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