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Fire-Boltt Smart Watches

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Buy the Best Fire Boltt Smartwatch Online in India

While you’re shopping online for the best smartwatches at a reasonable price, you might come across the Samsung smart watch, Fossil smartwatch, Apple smartwatch, etc. But one that will stand out is the Fire Boltt Smartwatch!

With a sleek design, cool sporty look, and an endless list of modified features, explore and shop for a Fire Boltt Smartwatch at the best online price at Reliance Digital.

Features of Fire Boltt Smartwatch

While there are several other watches you can shop online, such as a Samsung smartwatch, Fossil smartwatch, Apple smartwatch, etc., the Fire boltt smartwatch has some unique features that make it stand out. Here are some key features:-

  1. HD Touch screen: With a high-resolution screen display, the fire boltt smartwatch has an enhanced full touch screen display that boasts superior technology to provide an impressive interaction with your smartwatch.
  1. Fitness Tracking: To ensure that you don’t fall behind on your fitness journey and are up-to-date with your daily activity, the fire boltt smartwatch has several sports modes, Oxygen levels, and heart rate tracking. The fire boltt smartwatch is developed to track steps, calorie burn, distance traveled, and also note your sleep schedule!
  1. Communication: The fire boltt smartwatch can be easily paired with various portable devices to access your notifications and communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., on the smartwatch. Read and respond to texts, calls, notifications, emails, etc., on your fire boltt smartwatch in a quick & efficient manner!
  1. Battery Life: The fire boltt smartwatch offers an excellent battery life that lasts up to 8 days after a single charge. The battery life is a great feature for a smartwatch available online at the best price. 
  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Equipped with a bluetooth feature, you can pair your fire boltt smartwatch to other bluetooth devices and enjoy the perks of it.
  1. Water-resistant build: We all make mistakes as we leave our watches on before entering the swimming pool or a workout. With a fire boltt smartwatch, you won’t be making a mistake again! Designed to have a waterproof build, the sturdy fire boltt smartwatch can withstand moisture & water.

Best Fire Boltt Smartwatch under 4000

  1. Fire Boltt Beast Pro Smartwatch

        4.29 cm (1.69 inches)

        Touch screen display

        Facilitates bluetooth calling

        Features: Voice Assistant, Voice Recorder, Play Local Music, TWS Pairing

        In-built speaker and microphone, flashlight, camera

        Heart rate and Oxygen level monitoring

        Assists meditative breathing & sleep monitoring

        Water-resistant build

        8 sports modes

  1. Fire Boltt 360 Smartwatch

        3.3 cm (1.3 inches)

        HD Touch screen display

        Waterproof build

        In-built games

        Oxygen level monitoring

        Bluetooth connectivity

  1. Fire Boltt Ninja Dial Smartwatch

        4.29 cm (1.69 inches)

        Large TFT LCD OGS Display

        2D High Hardness Glass with a high resolution (240 x 280)

        Facilitates bluetooth calling

        Built In speaker and microphone

        Voice Assistant feature

        60 sports Mode

        Water-resistant build

Best Fire Boltt Smartwatch under 3000

  1. Fire Boltt Ninja Calling Smartwatch

        4.29 cm (1.69 inches)

        Touch screen display - Resolution: 240 x 280

        Facilitates bluetooth calling

        30 Sports Modes

        Voice Assistant feature

        Water-resistant build

        Real-time health monitor

Best Fire Boltt Smartwatch under 2000

  1. Fire Boltt Hurricane Smartwatch

        3.302 cm (1.3 inches)

        Touch screen display - Resolution: 240 x 240

        Receive smart notifications

        30 Sports Modes

        Water-resistant build

        Inbuilt Games

        Oxygen level monitoring

        Personal health coach app

  1. Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW011 Ninja Pro

        1.3 inch (3.3 cm)

        2.5D curved glass with super HD TFT touch screen display

        Full metal body

        Blood Pressure, Oxygen levels & Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

        Water-resistant build

        Remote Control Camera and Music Function

Shop for Fire boltt Smartwatch at Budgetary Price From Reliance Digital

From our exclusive branded smartwatch collection, explore various pieces, including Samsung smart watch, Fossil smartwatch, Apple smartwatch, etc. However, if you’re specifically looking for a fire boltt smartwatch at the best price, check out our collection to shop for the best deals online!

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