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Buy MacBook Online at Best Price in India

Are you looking for any stylish and powerful laptop? The MacBook is the product you should be looking at. Its compact, stylish and sleek look makes it even more appealing. The advanced features that increase its popularity among students and professionals are added to the list.

Experience incredible visuals and sound quality while watching movies, TV shows, listening to music, reading e-books, etc. Whether you want to edit a video or work on a crucial database, MacBook is powerful enough to help you accomplish every task.

Apple MacBook has two variants – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Check the features and models for both and decide which one you want to buy. 

MacBook Pro Features

Let us take a glance at the features that signify working on Apple MacBook Pro as a delightful experience: 

Touch Bar & Touch ID

     The function keys are replaced by the new touch bar feature positioned above the keypad.

     You can get quick access to tools like MS Office, Photoshop, system control, intelligent typing features, Logic Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

     The Touch Bar is a piece of multi-touch glass strip.

     The Touch ID feature helps to unlock your device instantly.

     You can access locked files and device settings with the fingerprint sensor feature, and switching between users becomes easy.

     Purchasing through Apple Pay is also a safe and secure feature in this device. 

High Performance

     Revolutionary graphics and speedy processors make way for superior performance.

     Its ingenious storage and extended battery life add to its popularity. 

Brilliant Display

     It features a unique Retina Display.

     The visual display is brilliant and sharp with a glowing LED backlight and high contrast range.

     The system maintains power efficiency through the screen’s pixel aperture and adjustable refresh rate.

     Its extensive colour sequence is useful for graphic designing, editing, and colour grading.

Powerful Speakers

     It has integrated speakers with an extensive dynamic range and higher bass for extra boom.

     Speakers are directly conjoined with the system, thus allowing maximum amplification.

     This device is ideal for video editing, creating fusion tracks, or watching movies.

Light Weight & Sleek

     The most attractive feature of the MacBook Pro is its sleek and lightweight design and its efficiency.

     The touch bar on the device invariably changes as per the user’s work.

     Ensures up to 3.2 GB per second reading speed, which is fast.

     Downloading apps and importing files occur at lightning speed.

     Provision of steady airflow eliminates heating of device during long working hours on MacBook Pro.

     The 38 cm MacBook Pro has a Radeon Pro single GPU and a 14 mm process.

Best Selling Apple MacBook Pro Models

     Apple MacBook Pro MLH32HN – Core i7/ 5th and 7th generation variants.

     Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Sierra).

     Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 (Mavericks).


MacBook Air Features

Apple MacBook Air is designed specially keeping in mind the daily requirements of students, teachers, and business professionals. Doing research work on the web, completing assignments, using multimedia content, etc. Also, for business professionals, this model is useful for their professional and personal use. Some of the exceptional features of this Apple laptop are listed below:

     Its extended battery life lets you work on the device for hours or the entire day. No need to plug in the charger repeatedly.

     A long standby time is another unique feature of this model. You can keep the laptop unused for a few days and later start from where you had left.

     Its USB ports and Thunderbolt 2 port are much faster than the older versions of laptops.

     The iCloud storage in MacBook Air enables storing personal files, contacts, etc., in one place and allows quick access. You can access the files and contacts through any Apple device.

     It has powerful speakers and a Magic keyboard.

     It supports 8 GB to 16 GB RAM.

     P3 colour sequence makes it exceptionally vibrant.


Best Selling Apple MacBook Air


     Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN – Core i5/ 5th Generation variant.

     Apple MacBook Air MGN73HN/A – macOS Big Sur/ Apple M1 GPU.

     Apple MacBook Air MGN63HN/A – macOS Big Sur/ Apple M1 GPU.


Why Choose Apple Laptop?

     The MacBook has integrated advanced software such as iMovie, Image Capture, Garage Band, etc. You can easily edit videos, and photos, create music fusions, etc.

     The latest versions of macOS are always available for free. You can download and install the same in any MacBook model that supports macOS.

     The Retina display feature on MacBook facilitates a clear and crisp display.

     The sleek and compact look of this device makes it even more alluring. It has a strong built quality and overwhelming performance that makes it unique.

     With a long battery life feature, the device is a must-have for all students and professionals. They can study or work for long hours seamlessly.

Find the best deals on MacBooks Online at Reliance Digital

The stunning look and impeccable performance of the Apple MacBook make it stand out in the crowd. At Reliance Digital, you will find the latest and the older versions of the MacBook. Take a look and compare each one and select the one that suits your requirement criteria.                   

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