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Home Theatre System - Shop with Latest Technology

“Home theatre” is a blanket term for a specific perspective or approach to the idea of home entertainment. Generally speaking, the average home theatre system is a set of advanced home entertainment devices designed to create the experience of watching a movie in a theatre, focusing on a wonderful, large screen, great sound and an overall immersive experience. When watching a movie on a home theatre system, you are more immersed in the experience than when watching a movie on normal television, using its native speakers.

A few main components make watching TV and visiting a movie theatre very different viewing experiences.

     Sound Quality and Mixing

When watching a movie in a movie theatre, you will notice that the experience can make one feel like they are experiencing a first-hand experience of the movie. The movie hall is filled with speakers that offer 3-D experiences of the sounds in a movie. You are acutely aware of the sounds in the movie, from faint whispers, to loud explosions. This elevates the experience of watching a movie.

     A High Quality Screen

The second characteristic of watching a movie in a full-fledged theatre is the large size of the movie screen. The screen is most of your view in a theatre, which makes it very easy to be completely immersed in the experience. After all, being seated in a dark space with the large screen being the only thing in view can make the experience feel even larger than life.

Here is What you Need to Assemble your Home Theatre System

     A Great TV or projector

A beautiful picture viewing experience is the key to creating a great home theatre system, and in most cases, a larger screen always makes a bigger impact. Reliance Digital strongly recommends going for a TV display that is the best you can afford at the moment - whether it is a fancy OLED screen or a 4K HDR TV screen. Make sure you measure the size of the wall where you will place the screen to ensure that the television does not look disproportionately small or large for the space.

Alternatively, if you dedicate an entire room to creating a home theatre system, you can also purchase a stunning projector. This ensures an experience that feels even more like a traditional theatre.

Your projector is installed in the ceiling at the back end of the room, and the screen remains stationary or is kept hidden using a mechanism similar to blinds. This is ideal for a living room to create a home theatre setup.

     A Powerful Sound System

Opt for the high bass home theatre you can afford. That’s the main piece of advice we would offer to anyone shopping for speakers for their home theatre system. We ensure that our range of sound systems covers affordable and premium options, but if you want your home theatre experience to be truly dramatic, investing in quality speakers is an absolute must.

Buy High Bass Home Theatre System at Best Prices from Reliance Digital

Our selection of brands that you can buy televisions, quality speakers and more is expansive and covers pocket-friendly and indulgent options. Most of the home theatre systems are Dolby Atmos ready, which means they promise to be compatible with high-quality systems that offer the most excellent viewing experience.

Whether it’s festive offers, mid-season offers or special discounts for specific credit and debit cards, Reliance Digital makes it a point to give you the best possible deal for all your home theatre equipment. You can bet that you will find home theatre speakers, TVs and more at the best price on Reliance Digital.


Home Theatre Systems Price List

S.noProducts - Home Theatre SystemsPrice
1Sony HT-S700RF 1000 watts Real 5.1 Channel Dolby Digita...44,990.00
2Sony HT-S500RF 1000 watts Real 5.1 Channel Dolby Digita...36,990.00
3JBL Cinema 510 5.1 Channel Home Theater System, Black17,658.00
4BMB Basic Home Theatre System with Karaoke Amplifier76,390.00
Home Theatre Systems Price List updated on 20-04-2024