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Up your fitness game with the best fitness trackers

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lot of health issues like obesity, diabetes, thyroid, and even low productivity. In today’s day and age, where stress dominates our work and personal lives, it becomes very crucial to beat it by following a healthy fitness regime. However, it’s easy for many of us to lose interest quickly and get back to our old lifestyle. An activity tracker or a fitness tracker keeps us focused on our health goals and acts as the ideal partner that constantly motivates us to follow a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Keep up with your health goals with a fitness tracker

Just like our bodies aren’t the same, our fitness goals aren’t the same too. Whether it’s tracking your workouts, walking steps or outdoor activities, recording your heart rate, calories lost, measuring your sleep time, call/email notifications, fitness bands are highly specialized in the functionality they offer and can be synced with your phone apps. They have a slim structure, smaller screens, are sweat & water resistant, and include an array of features to monitor your health. 

Finding the ideal activity tracker at Reliance Digital

You can explore from a range of fitness tracker based on your goals, at Reliance Digital. Discover across popular brands, filter as per unique features or your price range, when you purchase an activity tracker online at Reliance Digital.

Choosing a fitness brand in your price range

If you’re looking for a great fitness tracker online, you’ll be left spoilt for choice at Reliance Digital. You can select from a wide variety of trackers at your budget here.

  1. Fitness bands Under Rs. 5000

These are great for beginners who’ve just started some form of physical activity. The exercise bands or fitness tracker watches include basic features like activity tracker, step tracker, call/text notifications, etc.


  1. Fitness bands Under Rs. 10,000

These fitness bands give you a revolutionary workout experience as they include advanced features like automatic workout recorders, sleep trackers, calorie tracker, touchscreen display, wireless syncing, and more. Perfect for those who’re on a strict weight goal.


  1. Fitness bands Under Rs. 15,000

These ergonomically designed smart bands include top-notch specifications like automatic sleep tracker, real time heart rate zone, an app dashboard, goal-based exercises, and more. Perfect for extreme fitness freaks, marathon runners, etc.


Some best fitness tracker brands to buy

Looking for a multi-utility fitness band at an economical price? Samsung Galaxy Fit Lite is a tracker you can go for. It helps you check your heart rate, includes an accelerometer and tracks up to 90 activities. The Samsung smart band includes a compact, simplified display, and is water-resistant.  


The Fitbit Inspire features automatic workout tracker, sleep monitor, calorie burn tracker, and provides you with real time coaching so that you can achieve optimum results. Fitbit Charge HR is yet another fitness band which features Bluetooth, internet & USB connectivity, tracks heart rate, calories & steps, and a special exercise mode.


Slightly premium, but sleek and fashionable, the Fossil Q Annette Smart has a stylish leather strap, stainless steel dial and hybrid display. This fitness smartwatch has an accelerometer sensor and is compatible with Android 5.0+ & iOS 9.0+

A fitness band for every need, only at Reliance Digital

From the best brands to great prices to different categories of smart bands and fitness tracker watches, Reliance Digital is your go-to shopping destination to buy feature-rich, top-quality fitness bands.

Get inspired and get ready to crush the hell out of your 2020 fitness goals with the best exercise bands, activity trackers and fitness smartwatches, only on Reliance Digital.