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We all use computers or laptops in some or the other form. While every part of the computer is vital to its functioning, what truly takes the cake for most of us is the screen. Your laptop or computer’s screen is the gateway to everything you need to do on the device - work, play or entertainment. Your computer's monitor is the part of the device that provides graphic or text output by following commands from the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

For some of us, having a computer with a single monitor that came with the device pretty much fits the bill. When it comes to home usage, student requirements, and executing most of our jobs, it is expected not to need more than one monitor.

But with certain professions, it is common to need more than one monitor for your job.

For professions that need to decipher and analyze different bodies of data, those that edit photos and videos, and those that work in animation and architecture design, it is pretty common to use multiple monitors for their work. Still, others prefer to assemble computers by themselves, purchasing the different parts of a computer and setting them up.

Factors to consider when buying a Desktop monitor

When shopping for a desktop monitor or display, there are quite a few things you must take into account. Desktop monitors come in a huge variety of different configurations. Here are a few factors to consider while figuring out the configurations you need.


At Reliance Digital, we make sure you can buy a desktop monitor in just the size you need. We have options starting at 18 inches and 24 inches, going all the way up to 34 inches, which is the size of a small television!


Our range of monitors covers affordable and high-end options. At Reliance Digital, we have got you covered with all our budget-friendly options.

     Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is an important aspect when buying a monitor. You can buy a basic 1366 x 768 px monitor, or a super high quality 3480 x 1260 px monitor.


Computer monitors have a lot of features that can give you a lot more value for money and make sure your user experience is excellent. Choose from features, such as SD card slots, high refresh rates for gaming, built-in speakers, touchscreen, and so much more. We offer them all.

     Input system

After you figure out what your CPU’s connector is like, you must make sure you buy one that is compatible with it. Your monitor’s input system options include VGA, HDMI, Displayport, and even DVI.

Explore Best Computer Monitors at an Affordable Prices with Reliance Digital

Our range of computer monitors is available at really attractive prices, and we make sure you buy the product that’s just right for you. Whether you need a new monitor for gaming, video or photo editing, or to create a work setup, we make sure you buy just the right computer monitor for your needs.

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1ZEBRONICS MT61-ZEB A22FHD 54.6 cm (21.5 inch), 1920 x 1...4,999.00
2ZEBRONICS MT52-ZEB A19HD 46.9 cm (18.5 inch), 1366 x 76...5,599.00
Computer Monitors Price List updated on 15-06-2024