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Buy Binoculars Online at Best Price

In childhood, binoculars used to be an object of fascination for many kids. The first time that we held a pair of binoculars and saw how magically it made our vision uptight was truly interesting for many. Other than the playful nature, binoculars are used for a couple of interesting activities as well. This camera-like object becomes a must-have in their backpack, especially for birdwatching, hiking, hunting, and even stargazing.


To define binoculars in simple words, binoculars help one see an object in a magnified stereoscopic manner. The things far from you seem near, and minute-detailing can be spotted much more conveniently. As for the technicalities, a pair of binoculars comes with two telescopes – perched up at the same eye level and one for each eye. It is mounted in the same frame and is on the same level so that your vision for both eyes is equal and not distorted.

Tips to Use Binoculars Effectively

1. The Lowest Magnification Is Helpful

If your priority is attention to detail in whatever you are viewing through your binoculars, then the lowest magnification power for it is the most recommended. It is advised that the more you increase the magnification power to spot an image. More the power, more the tendency to shake.

Therefore, if you find your vision is not stable as the binoculars you are holding are constantly shaking, then reduce the power from as high as 10X to maybe 7X. You can also lean to a nearby object to steady yourself, or the ones with bigger models of binoculars can go for a tripod, which helps stabilise your vision.

2. Select the Right Sized Objective Lens

When purchasing a pair of binoculars, one of the key features that you should check is the size of the objective lens. Check the lens once you have found the right one well within the range of the binoculars price that you had in mind. In layman's language, you should always look for the largest objective lens and not the smallest or highest ones because they are of lighter weight.

The larger your objective lens is, the more chances to gather light. This especially comes in handy when trying to spot something in lower light surroundings. The larger-sized objective lens must be present in your chosen pair of binoculars to focus on all the minute details.

3. Set Your Eyecups Properly

The eyecups should be adjusted at a decent level from the ocular lenses of the binoculars. The benefit of this lens is that it aids in viewing the image you are spotting a lot more clearly without any black shading around the image's corners. You can also make alterations to the cup depth till the time the image you are spotting is clear and crisp. This tip is even more helpful for those who wear glasses or contact lenses.

4. Always Spot With Your Naked Eyes First

Before taking up your binoculars and bringing them near your eyes, always use your naked eyes first to spot the imagery. Especially when the object you are aiming at is small, your binoculars require a little training that might seem a little testing at first. Once you’ve focused on the object with the naked eye and in a wider view and then brought up the binoculars to your eyes, you can now view the object correctly.

5. Never Rub Your Binoculars on Your Shirt

Cleaning your binoculars is not a humongous task. Do it properly, and never rub them against your shirt. To maintain them in good condition. It is essential that you don’t clean your binoculars using your shirt, as the fibres of that garment can hamper the delicate nature of the glasses that these binoculars have. Always have a lens cloth or tissue or a soft brush that can be used to clean your binoculars.

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Binoculars Price List

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1Olympus 8x40S Binoculars8,499.00
2Olympus 8-16X40 S Binoculars12,999.00
3Reconnect BC06202 8 x 25 Binocular1,019.00
4Reconnect BC06201 8 x 36 Binocular1,899.00
Binoculars Price List updated on 24-04-2024