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Buy Tripods Online in India

Whether or not you are a professional photographer, videographer, content creator or filmographer, getting those perfect shots is super worth it. While this does start with getting yourself a phone with a great camera, or a great DSLR, mirrorless or digital camera, it also extends to the rest of your equipment. From camera lenses, to filters to tripods, making sure you get the best possible shot is no easy feat!

Why must you buy a tripod for your Mobile or Camera?

Ever wanted to take a group picture, but struggled with timers, balancing the camera, and subtle shakes? Well, for all these scenarios, it is best to invest in a tripod. Let us tell you why buying a quality tripod for a camera or mobile is a great idea.

     Long exposure shots are easy with tripods
When you want to catch star trails, vehicular trails, motion shots and more, making sure that your phone or camera is absolutely still is paramount. So go ahead and buy yourself a tripod.

     Taking pictures in low light

When light is less than ideal, it is a great idea to make sure you have a tripod on hand. Subtle shakes of the hand can result in blurry pictures, even if your subject is absolutely still. Getting yourself a tripod covers you when lighting is low, so you can opt for slower shutter speeds.

     Taking videos is much easier with a tripod

Shaky videos can be a huge eyesore to watch. Whether you are shooting a dance recital, or a simple home video, it is always better to get yourself a good tripod. Tripods ensure that there is no scope of you dropping your phone or camera, losing focus and missing moments that will not come back. Moreover, if you are a vlogger, or blogger, it is always better to have a tripod to maintain continuity in your footage.

     Taking a timelapse? Buy yourself a tripod first

Taking star trails, vehicular trails, sunsets and shots that show motion of any kind are just captured much much better when you use a tripod. Ensure you get a tripod when you head out on your travels, especially if you are visiting a place with a ton of natural beauty!

Types of Tripods:
There are quite a few kinds of tripods out there, for you to choose from. The main differentiation of tripods is first on the basis of the device that is to be mounted on it. There are

     Tripod stand for Mobile

     Tripod for Cameras

Other demarcations for tripods include-

     The height the tripod can be adjusted to.

     The weight the tripod can take.

     The extent to which it can be manipulated to capture a specific type of shot.

There are tripods that can be used to place cameras and phones Certain tripods that are used for cell phones also double up as selfie sticks, and serve a dual purpose. Other tripods are more ideal for professional photographers and videographers.

The types of tripods are:

     Pocket tripods

     Tabletop tripods

     Studio tripods


     Selfie sticks

Best Tripod Stand For Mobile & Cameras at Reliance Digital
Reliance Digital is the perfect place to buy tripods for  any and all of your devices. In the digital age, it is important to ensure that you are capturing your media with finesse. It is also important to ensure that you stay in focus, and stable during those all-important video calls, whether they are work calls, or video calls with family members that are far away.

Reliance Digital’s range of tripods is vast, and has you covered for any use you might have, whether it is for taking stunning product shots, stop motion videos, timelapses, portrait photography, or even just good selfies! The range of tripods we have is reasonably priced, and you can always take advantage of our numerous festive sales and year-round discounts!

Shop for electronics, accessories, and more, right here on Reliance Digital, at the best possible prices. Look no further when you are shopping online, or in-store, for electronics, whether it is computers and cameras, or even household appliances.


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1Reconnect RATPB5901 Tripod1,049.00
2GoPro AFTTM-001 Shorty Mini Extension Pole with Tripod3,399.00
3Reconnect Gorilla Tripod TP07101290.00
4JOBY Tripod for DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras, JB0150813,999.00
Tripods & Monopods Price List updated on 24-04-2024