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Mobile phones have transformed from being a device to make calls or send texts, to an entertainment and information gadget. Today, it’s practically impossible to spend a moment without our smartphones by our side- whether it’s just for sending an email, storing important files, doing a video call with our loved ones, or streaming the latest web series while commuting. Mobile phones come with a wide range of features these days- like fascinating photo filters, AI-powered cameras, blazing fast processing speeds, etc. At Reliance Digital, you can compare and find your choice of mobile phone online at the best prices.

Choosing A Smartphone As Per Operating System

With hundreds of options available, the online mobile shopping experience can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know what you want. Begin with choosing the type of operating system you’d be comfortable using. There are only two smartphone operating systems worth considering: Android and iOS.

Here’s a comparison between Android phones and iOS phones that can help you choose better:




Latest Stable Release

Android 10

iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1



A lot. Can change almost anything.

Limited unless jailbroken

Internet Browsing

Google Chrome (other browsers are available).

Safari (Other browsers are available but not as default)


Web Mapping Service

Google Maps

Apple Maps, default as of iOS 6 (Google Maps also available via a separate app download)


Available On

Major manufacturers such as Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Honor, and Xiaomi. Pixel and Android One devices are pure Android.


iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)

Calls and Messaging

Google Messages. 3rd party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Discord, and Skype all work on Android and iOS.


iMessage, FaceTime (with other Apple devices only), and the rest of the apps as in Android.

App Store

Google Play Store – 2,000,000+ apps. Other app stores like Amazon and Aptoide also distribute Android apps.


Apple App Store – 1,000,000+ apps. Apps containing viruses are very rare or nonexistent.

Photos & Videos Backup

Apps are available for an automatic backup of photos and videos. Google Photos allows unlimited backup of photos at a compressed quality.

Up to 5 GB of photos and videos can be automatically backed up with iCloud, with more paid iCloud storage available via subscription.


Monthly security updates

Occasional security updates. Security threats are rare.


Buy Mobile Phones As Per Price Band

Features of mobile phones below 5000

-          Dual SIM

-          1-3GB RAM

-          3000 mAH + battery

-          16-32 GB inbuilt memory

Features of mobile phones below 10000

-          Dual camera

-          2 to 4GB RAM

-          5.5 inch + screen size

-          3000 mAH + battery

Features of mobile phones below 20000

-          Dual camera

-          2 to 4GB RAM

-          5.5 inch + screen size

-          3000 mAH + battery

Features of mobile phones below 30000

-          8 GB RAM,

-          6.4 inches camera

-          4000 mAh Battery

-          Octa-Core, Snapdragon processor

Features of mobile phones below 40000

-          Premium design

-          Up to 64 MP camera sensor

-          Super AMOLED screen

-          Flagship grade Snapdragon processor

Features of mobile phones above 50000

-          Triple camera

-          Top-notch camera and video-shooting modes

-          Full-screen HD display

-          Stereo speakers

Top Mobile Phone Brands

  1. Samsung Mobile Phone:

Samsung is India’s most attractive and trusted brand of mobiles. It has one of the largest lower-priced handsets markets in India. They usually have bigger screens (Around 6-6.4 inches) and have a simple, user-friendly design. They are renowned for their Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and great storage capacity.

  1. Oneplus Mobile Phone:

Oneplus mobile phones are considered as one of the best mid-premium android smartphones in the world. Their mobile is designed to be the perfect companion for all your daily activities in this modern mobile technology.

  1. Vivo Mobile Phone:

Vivo is known for its low-cost and mid-range segment Android phones, the highlight of these phones being camera quality. Their mobile handset is sleeked in design having brilliant camera specifications with impeccable performance and long-lasting battery life. Vivo phones also come with a lot of sensors like proximity sensors, accelerometers, ambient light sensors, etc.

  1. Oppo Mobile Phone:

Oppo mobiles are best known for their impeccable cameras and stylish aesthetics. Oppo phones are selfie experts. The screen is ultra-bright and crisp, and the battery charges really fast.

  1. Apple Mobile Phone:

iPhones are the world's most powerful personal devices. Reception ability, design, software, loudness, and vocal clarity are also superior to most other phones. The camera and image quality of iPhones are unparalleled, they come with a wide range of picture/video modes- the Bokeh mode being the most popular these days. Gaming, photography, videos or storage, iPhone tops in everything.

       6.   Xiaomi Mobile Phone:

They are impressive phones focusing mainly on strong battery, multitasking, unique user interface (MIUI), and a strong body build. A must-buy if you want an all-rounder smartphone. They have a strong operating system that allows a better customer experience of mobile phones with reliable quality.

Compare and Choose The Best Mobile Phones Online

At Reliance Digital, you can explore smartphones that are pocket-friendly or high on features, all under one roof. Following are some specifications to consider while buying a mobile phone online:

  1. Camera quality
  2. Processor
  3. Build quality
  4. Display
  5. Battery
  6. User interface
  7. Storage
  8. Extra features
  9. Audio/speakers

Buying a smartphone online is now so easy and simple!


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