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Samsung 10000 mAh Power Bank, Silver EB-P1100BSNGIN
Key Features
  • Charge fast on the move
  • Top up quick, 10000 mAh battery
  • Charge with double the efficiency
  • Gets along with every Devices
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  • Warranty: 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • MRP: ₹1,499
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  • Specifications
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The Samsung 10000 mAh Power Bank keeps your gadgets fully charged to be handy while making trips. This power bank with 10000 mAh battery enables you to charge your smartphones and other devices even in the absence of an electric socket. It is ultra-slim & lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.

Charge Fast on the Move
The new Samsung Battery Pack comes with Samsung AFC (15W) and Quick Charge 2.0 support that lets you power up quick when you’re on the go. And with OCP functionality, you can charge safely without having to worry about excessive current levels damaging your device.

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Top Up Quick
Recharges fast so you can reuse even faster. Samsung Battery Pack prevents overvoltage with OVP so it can be safely recharged to full capacity in just 220mins in fast-charging mode. Now you can get back to enjoying your device quicker than previous models.

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Charge with Double the Efficiency
Twice the advantage. Thanks to its dual-port charging capability, Samsung Battery Pack can power two devices simultaneously for added convenience and far less hassle.

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Gets Along with Everyone
The convenient way to stay charged. Samsung Battery Pack features low current charging support and is compatible with a wide range of third-party and Samsung devices to give you plenty of freedom to charge what you need, when you need it most.

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High Quality, Higher Capacity
With a charge capacity of 10,000mAh, Samsung Battery Pack delivers plenty of boost. Now you can move around freely for longer periods of time without having to constantly keep an eye on usage levels.

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Power Up in Style
Samsung Battery Pack features a slim, light and ergonomic design that makes it a comfortable fit to keep close at hand. It also comes in two distinctive color options to go well with your sense of style.

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General Information
Battery & Charge Related
    Battery Capacity
    10000 mAh
    Battery Voltage
    9 Volts
    Rechargeable Battery
    Recharge Time
    Upto 3.66 hours
Power Bank Portability
    14.18 cms
    7.1 cms
    1.4 cms
    220 grams
Usage Details
    Recommended Use
    Mobile Phones, Tablets, Digital devices
Power Details
    Power Supply
    5 Volts
Additional Features
  • InputVoltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5V
  • InputVoltage (Max, Fast Charge): 9V
  • OutputVoltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5V
  • OutputVoltage (Max, Fast Charge): 9V
In The Box & Warranty
    In The Box
    6 Months


Why the device heats up while charging the battery?

  • While charging, the Device and the charger may become hot.
  • During wireless charging or fast charging (in applicable devices), the device may feel hotter to the touch. This does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance and is in the device’s normal range of operation.
  • If the battery becomes too hot, the charger may stop charging.

  • Do the following when the device heats up:

  • Disconnect the charger from the device and close any running apps. Wait for the device to cool down and then begin charging the device again.
  • If the lower part of the device overheats, it could be because the connected USB cable is damaged. Replace the damaged USB cable with a new Samsung-approved one.
  • When using a wireless charger, do not place foreign materials, such as metal objects, magnets, and magnetic stripe cards, between the device and the wireless charger.

  • Battery charging tips and precautions:

  • Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Charge-related products affect a direct impact on the safety of the user, so be careful when selecting the product.
    Note: Unapproved chargers including Car chargers or cables may cause the performance problems and malfunctions or damage the device that are not covered by the warranty.
  • Be careful not to let foreign objects into the charger connector (connector, plug). It may cause overheating due to corrosion or temporary short-circuit of power terminal.
  • If you charge the device while the multipurpose jack is wet, the device may be damaged. Thoroughly dry the multipurpose jack before charging the device.

  • Why the device heats up during use?

    When you use features or apps that require more power or use them for extended periods, your device may temporarily Heat up due to increased battery consumption. Close any running apps and do not use the device for a while.

    The following are examples of situations in which the device may overheat:

  • During the initial setup after purchase or when restoring data
  • When downloading large files
  • When using apps that require more power or using apps for extended periods
  • When playing high-quality games for extended periods
  • When recording videos for extended periods
  • When streaming videos while using the maximum brightness setting
  • When using the Screen Mirroring feature (When connecting to a TV)
  • While multitasking (or, when running many apps in the background)
  • When using Multi window
  • When updating or installing apps while recording videos
  • When downloading large files during a video call
  • When recording videos while using a navigation app
  • When using large amount of data for syncing with the cloud, email, or other accounts
  • When using a navigation app in a car while the device is placed in direct sunlight
  • When using the mobile hotspot and tethering feature
  • When using the device in areas with weak signals or no reception
  • When charging the battery with a damaged USB cable
  • When the device’s multipurpose jack is damaged or exposed to foreign materials, such as liquid, dust, metal powder, and pencil lead
  • When you are roaming