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Cooking Delicious, Wholesome Meals is Now Easy and Fun!

Gone are the days when we had to wait for LPG cylinders to cook food. Today, electric rice cookers are the need of the hour and are making their way into most kitchens. An electric cooker’s biggest advantage is that you don’t have to watch it as carefully as a stovetop pressure cooker — you can set it and go about your business in the kitchen since it’s not on a hot stove. Everything is automated with this type of cooker, so you simply select the pressure you need and set an appropriate time, and it does the work. Not only is it an energy-efficient appliance, but also cooks rice perfectly in terms of texture, flavor, and aroma.

Electric cookers are mainly of four types, which are rice cooker, multi cooker, food steamer, and travel cooker. All these types of electric cookers are offered in a number of capacities and features. So, just decide on a rice cooker price and shop online from a great selection of top brands.  

Electric Rice Cooker Price Range And Their Features:

Electric Rice Cookers below 1000

-          Can prepare a variety of dishes from biryani to pulao

-          Approx. 1-1.5 Litre capacity with around 700 Watt motor- perfect for a small family

-          Auto switch-off features in some cookers

-          Heat-resistant, easy to hold handles and stainless-steel lid

-          Also keeps food warm

Electric Rice Cookers up to 2000

-          Cooks porridge, soup, stew pulao, idlis, steam vegetables in a hassle freeway

-          Stainless steel lid with heat resistant handles

-          Indicator switches to signify ‘cook’ and ‘keep warm’

-          Auto cook and auto cut-off features for easy cooking

-          Highly durable body with a capacity of approx. 4.5 Litres

Electric Rice Cookers Above 2000

-          Some cookers feature one-touch operation, making it very convenient to cook many dishes

-          Come in various size capacities

-          Sturdy and cool-touch handles

-          High-quality, close-fit, stainless-steel lid

-          2-way controls to cook and keep food warm


Top Brands In Electric Rice Cookers

Panasonic Rice Cookers

-          The auto cooking function ensures cooking is completed to perfection 

-          Auto keep warm feature indicates when done keeping it warm

-          Can be used for cooking a variety of items and steaming them as well

-          Highly durable and elegantly designed body

-          An anodized aluminum cooking pan makes it easy to cook rice

Bajaj Rice Cookers

-          Capacity over 1.8 liters

-          Non-stick cooker with auto shut off function

-          Consumes very little power

-          Stainless steel lid bearing steam vents

-          Stylish and light

Inalsa Rice Cookers

-          Cooks a variety of dishes like rice, porridge, stew, boils rice, steams veggies in a jiffy

-          Stainless steel lid fits tightly and helps food retain its moisture

-          Once the rice has been cooked, this function toggles to the “warm” mode

-          Comes with a starch separator and a non-scratching rice spoon

-          1.5-liter capacity

Prestige Rice Cookers

-          Naturally seals the flavor and nutrients under the lid to keep the flavors intact.

-          Ergonomically designed with a strong body and a high-quality stainless steel lid

-          Cool-touch handles for ease of holding

-          Cook and warm mode functions

-          Some of them come with two aluminum cooking pans

-          Available in sizes ranging from 1.7L to 5.4L


What Are Some Factors to Consider While Buying a Rice Cooker Online?

  1. Capacity
    Depending on the size of your family, you can choose from the different capacities of rice cookers available. A rice cooker with a capacity of 3 to 5 liters is good for a small family of 5 to 6 members.


  1. Ease of Operation
    A basic electric rice cooker often comes with a one-touch operation. All you need to do is to add rice & water in the appropriate quantity and press the ‘cook’ button. However, some of the advanced models of rice cookers come with digital controls that offer you different options for cooking a variety of dishes.


  1. Reheat Cycle
    Check if the rice cookers come with an automatic keep-warm feature. The unique feature ensures that you get hot and fresh food whenever you need it.


  1. Non-stick Coating
    Non-stick coating allows the food or rice to cook faster and doesn’t stick to the sides, so it can be easily stirred or scooped after it’s cooked. Selecting a cooker with stainless steel, aluminum or a non-stick coated cooking bowl is always beneficial in the long run.


  1. Other Specifications/Features

-          The auto-shut-off feature is yet another convenient function to have.

-          A see-through lid is great to have since you can check on the rice when it is cooking.

-          It is ideal to have a self-timer or delay start function in an electric cooker. It sets the cooker to start functioning at a specified time and even tells you the time left until the rice is ready to serve.

-          Check for cool-touch handles for the ease of holding/lifting the cooker


Select your ideal rice cooker online from various brands, all under one roof, at Reliance Digital. Here, you can also filter as per your ideal rice cooker price range and find the one that fits your need.