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resQ WindowAir Conditioner Wet Service
Key Features
  • Performance testing
  • Servicing the AC
  • Testing the AC
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  • Description

AC Performance Testing includes the following checks

  • Condition of cooling fins, cooling coil / condenser coil
  • Check air ducts for sweating
  • Line voltage and running current
  • Temperature of grill and return air duct
  • Grill lock condition

All observations shall be conveyed to the customer

Dismantling of AC unit

  • Electrical connection from socket / stabilizer.
  • Wire harnessing (clamps)
  • Front grill(side / front ) screws or locks
  • Filter net

AC servicing & cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning of the cooling coil with brush
  • Cleaning the blower blade with brush and cloth
  • Tighten wire joint points if found to be loosened
  • Cleaning of condenser with blower
  • Cleaning of outdoor unit with water & blower
  • Cleaning of fan blade with cotton cloth
  • Washing & Cleaning of indoor unit’s filter
  • Cleaning of cooling coil & condenser with brush
  • Check on condition of insulation (Fixing of insulation would be charged separately)
  • Cleaning of the front grill and cover
  • Cleaning of the work area
  • Reassemble all dismantled elements

Testing after servicing

  • Test run AC and checking of the performance.
  • Checking the return air for (sweating) after service.
  • Observation of the grill temperature and return temperature

All observations shall be conveyed to the customer