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resQ Installation Service
resQ Installation Service
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resQ Installation Service

Key Features
  • Unpacking the unit & feasibility check
  • Demonstration of Refrigerator,
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Unpack the Refrigerator,

Unboxing of contents of the packaging - the Refrigerator,, power cables, accessories etc.

Perform a feasibility check

  • Check the location of where the Refrigerator, is to be installed
  • Checking for accessible power points
  • Check for level adjustment
  • Service engineer might recommend solutions, if there are any concerns.
  • We recommend that you have a power point, 4ft from the Refrigerator,

Perform the Refrigerator, installation

  • We’ll place the Refrigerator, on the floor at the decided location
  • Fix the outlet water pipe, if any with the product
  • Connect the Refrigerator, with the power supply

Tidy up the location

Cleaning up of the location, removing packaging material will be taken of.

Give you a demonstration

Before we leave, we’ll ensure you know how to use the device. We’ll run you through the key features of products and how to use it. You can see if everything’s running fine and ask questions about the product related to warranty, care & maintenance & the various do’s & don’ts.


General Information
    Service Location
    At customer’s place
    Visits per Year
    As Per Customer Request ( Based on brand Warranty policy )
Manufacturing & Packing Information
    Commodity name
    Extended Warranty Service
    Country of origin
    Name and address of Importer
    Name of Seller
    Reliance Retail Ltd.
    Net Quantity
    Month and Year of Commodity First Manufactured/Imported/Packed

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