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Buy Radiators Room Heaters Online at Best Price

For people living in cities that experience extremely low temperatures in winter, wearing warm clothes is not enough to make you comfortable. Moreover, you would not like wearing heavy jackets at home, especially at night when you are going to bed. However, the biting cold weather does demand something warm to make you feel cosy.

If not, then there are chances that you will fall sick. To avoid such inconveniences, you can get a radiator room heater for your home and make yourself and your family comfortable. It will help keep every corner of your room warm, and you will not feel the bone-chilling cold anymore. 

Types of Room Heaters

Convection or Fan Heaters

     These heaters are popular in Indian weather and come at an affordable price range.

     The size of these heaters is small and compact and can be easily stored when not in use.

     It contains an electric coil for generating heat blown through a fan. Thus, it is also called a blower heater.

     Mid-sized to large size rooms can be warmed up using these room heaters.

Infrared or Quartz Heaters

     Room heaters use infrared technology to generate heat.

     Adequate for heating smaller size rooms with low ceilings.

     Electricity is transferred through a heating filament fitted inside a heat-resistant quartz tube.

     Heat is transmitted through the quartz tube to the surrounding area.


 Oil-filled Room Heaters

     The oil is heated up by the heating element immersed in it.

     Heat is transmitted through the hot oil to the surrounding air, getting warm and cosy to combat the chilly weather.

     Electricity is used for heating and circulating the pre-filled thermal oil around the fins.

     It produces a radiator effect keeping the room temperature warm for a longer duration.

     These heaters are bigger and heavier in size.

     The oil-filled room heater price is slightly higher than the Infrared and Convection heaters.

Halogen Heaters

     These heaters are fitted with a halogen element inside their heating lamp and bulb.

     To increase the brightness of the bulbs, halogen lamps and gases are used.

     The halogen lamps can increase the heat to a greater level. Thus, they are ideal for outdoor areas like a patio.

Choosing the Perfect Room Heaters

Certain things need to be considered before you purchase a room heater:


     The number of Heating Elements – More heating elements, the faster it would take o heat the room.

     Watt – If you want to buy a powerful and bigger room heater, the watt will be higher, unlike the smaller heaters that need a lower watt. You should know the amount of time the product requires to heat a certain area. Also, the level of heat generated by it is important to know. Stay away from buying products that claim less energy consumption without energy ratings.

     Temperature Settings – Make sure your chosen room heater has multiple heat settings options. You can decide the one suitable for your room by trying various heat settings.

     Power Cut Feature – Choose a room heater that facilitates an auto-cut feature, which means the device automatically will disconnect power as soon as it reaches an optimum temperature. You can save money on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

     Light – While selecting a radiant heater, check its brightness so that you are not disturbed while sleeping.

     Portability – Moving a portable room heater from one room to another is easy than a bigger and heavier one.

     Safety Grill – With kids and pets moving around in the house, it is essential to select a room heater with an extra safety grill option. This feature helps to keep the heating element externally covered.

     Noise Levels – A room heater that makes a lot of sounds can be irritating and disturbing while you sleep. Your sleep cycles will be hampered if the heater is noisy. Before buying, compare the noise levels in different room heaters and choose the one that functions silently.

     Aesthetics – Along with the features and specifications, you can even consider the designs available for room heaters. The latest models will have various sizes, colours, and shape options. Select the model that appeals to you the most (of course, with the features).

     Budget – Whichever room heater you select, make sure the price you pay compliments the product. Thus, before buying, compare the price list with other similar products. Room heaters with efficient features generally fall within the price range of INR 5000 to INR 15000.

Explore the Latest Room Heaters at Reliance Digital

This winter, no more shivering and sleepless nights for you. Visit Reliance Digital and check the wide array of room heaters from different brands. Compare the features and prices and choose the perfect heater that can make your room warm and comfortable.