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Buy Projectors Online in India at Best Price

Projectors today are indispensable in offices, schools, and universities. With so many different brands of projectors in the market, it can get confusing to distinguish one product from its competitors. You can choose from the best brands in LED projectors, HD, and 3D projectors. Pick the best projector that suits your needs and deliver it to your home. You can buy projectors online that give you unique insights into the massive variety available.

Factors to Consider Before You Purchase a Projector

1. Colour Light Output and White Light Output

A variety of projectors offer different levels of brightness that can be measured in 2 lumens - one is for colour light output, and the other is for white light output. The larger the number of lumens, the brighter the projector. Colour brightness depends on the room in which you use the projector. For example:


     If you want to use a projector for home theatre use, you need one that generates a minimum output of 1500 lumens.

     If the utility of a projector is for use in classrooms and conference rooms, you must look for one that delivers a minimum output of 2500 lumens.

     Lastly, if you are looking for a projector for a large hall or auditorium, you will need one that generates the maximum lumen rating.

2. Contrast Ratio

The projected image may contain bright and dark images. The variation between light and dark pixels can be categorised as a numerical expression called the contrast ratio.


The ratio compares the brightness of the colour white and the darkness of the colour black on the screen. High contrast ratios translate directly into rich, detailed, and clear images. Therefore, the contrast ratio is crucial for home cinema.

3. Resolution

Resolution means the pixels or dots that the projector reflects on displaying the image. The image gets sharper when the resolution of the projector gets higher. The difference between a high-resolution image and a low-resolution image is that the high-resolution image contains more pixels.


This will give you a clearer, better, and cleaner image highlighted by a combination of numbers, such as 1920x1200. This means that 1920 points will be distributed horizontally, and 1220 points will be distributed vertically across the display.

4. Ease of Use

Everyone is not tech-savvy with hands-on training in using projector technology. Choose one that is easy to use, is functional and compact, and looks aesthetic. You have various options and brands to choose from.


If you are selecting an LED or an LCD projector, you must check if it is equipped with an HDMI port, wireless capabilities, and instant on/off capabilities.

Uses of a Projector

Projectors are ideal for the following applications:


1.    Business Meetings - Without a PowerPoint presentation, team members will have difficulty understanding something new.

2.    Video projector - You can use the video projector to play movies and other videos on the projection screen. The whole family can get together and spend a gala watching their favourite videos. You can also purchase a laser projector that covers a wide area and is a lot of fun.

3.    For training - Most training rooms in an organisation have projectors, large or small. LCD projectors make it easy to educate your employees about products and services.

4.    School/University seminars and presentations: Educational and informational presentations are one of the inevitable things. Presentation projectors can be very helpful in giving a perfect presentation and enhancing your lecture.

Different Types of Projectors

A presentation or a college lecture in a big auditorium is incomplete without a good quality projector. With the culture of seminars and event launches so rampant for many purposes, projectors have become an indispensable part of the home/organisational gadgets. Without a projector, you would have to pay a lot to buy a big-screen TV. There are different purposes you can solve using different kinds of projectors.


     Projectors that can be used to watch movies at home, video projectors that are highly portable and easy to carry, and projectors for large venues.

     You can install a video projector in your home and have your home theatre that brings a cinematic experience to your home.

     If you decide to buy a new projector for your classroom, conference room, or home theatre, you need to make sure that the image projected on your screen is something that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

The Various Types of Projectors Are:

1.    HD projectors, mini projectors, LCD projectors, LED projectors, and more.

2.    LCD projectors display images based on LCD technology, and LED projectors use light-emitting diodes as a light source.

3.    LED projectors make it easy for meeting participants to see the visual elements as the communication progresses.

4.    High-resolution video projectors display clearer images. HD projectors provide excellent displays, but at the moment, there is nothing better than 4K UHD projectors.

5.    Regardless of the application, digital projectors are very useful in educational and professional settings.

6.    Portable projectors, such as mobile projectors, are compact and connect to smartphones, laptops, and game consoles to provide unprecedented levels of entertainment.

Find the Best Projectors at Reliance Digital

The projector price depends on the technology, but Reliance Digital offers a wide catalogue of the best products at amazingly good prices for any budget. Compare features, specifications, and price, and choose the best projector that works best for you. Reliance Digital has extensive experience selling projectors through partnerships with various OEMs known as the best projector brands.

Projectors Price List

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1BenQ TK Series TK800M Home Projector1,59,990.00
2BenQ W Series W1210ST Home Projector99,990.00
3Samsung 3 Series SP-LSP3BLAXXL Freestyle Projector79,990.00
Projectors Price List updated on 16-07-2024