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Buy Best PC Games Online in India

Gaming has developed from being a mere hobby and entertainment option, to being an actual profession in the past two decades. The simulated world of PC and VR gaming offers a type of entertainment that is truly immersive, mentally stimulating and endlessly entertaining.

In the world of gaming, you can be anything from a Chess grandmaster, a sniper in the woods, a gifted wizard, or a martial arts maestro. So, it is not too surprising that gaming is growing more and more popular as time passes! You can opt for single-player and multiplayer pc games to make your gaming sessions fun and entertaining for all.

The realm of gaming is vast, and it also covers a huge swathe of premises and concepts. While some games challenge your logical thinking, others rely on your hand-eye coordination. Many others require you to adopt strategies, form coalitions, and even play remotely with hundreds of other players. With all of these different kinds of games, there is usually a quite prominent luck factor involved. The combination of all of these factors makes gaming an enjoyable process, and is just why the gaming community is so large, world over!

Reliance Digital offers a wide range of computers, gaming consoles and games for PC for you to enjoy, from the comfort of your home. After a long day of working, studying and finishing off your chores, gaming for a few hours is an amazing way to destress, get your mojo back and have a little fun.

There is a huge bevy of games out there for you to try, if you have been wanting to delve into the world of gaming, such as:

     Simulation Games

Simulation gaming is an experience that allows you to virtually manipulate the elements of a game, such as a car, bike, or even a gun. These are usually based around driving vehicles, navigating obstacles, and getting lots of points on the way. If you have been looking for a game like this, get the Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is an XBOX game.

     Sports-based gaming

Virtual cricket, virtual football, virtual bowling and even virtual archery. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sports-based virtual gaming. Some of the world’s most popular PC and console games are sports based games, such as FIFA. Sports based gaming tests your hand and eye coordination, and your strategy, too!

     Adventure gaming

Adventure based games are usually in a fantastical setting, such as a wartime game, a medieval period game, or one that is set in a fictional location. Adventure gaming usually requires you to perfect a set of tasks, through which you graduate to different levels. These levels often grow more and more challenging, as the game trudges on. An example of adventure based gaming is Sackboy, which is a Big Adventure PS5 game.

     First Person Shooter (FPS) and Stealth Shooter games

We are all familiar with that image of people telling their co-players to “Shoot, shoot, shoot!” in the throes of an intense game. Well, FPS and Stealth Shooter games offer the thrill of armed combat, in a fun, harmless manner. These games generally involve using your hand and eye coordination to shoot at the opposite party, usually for a dramatized motive. Popular examples of such games are Call of Duty, DOTA and Hitman 2: The Silent Assassin.

     Superhero games

The world of Marvel and DC comics naturally bore gaming spin-offs that the audience loved. From Batman, Superman to Spiderman, there is a huge range of PC and console games out there that let you enjoy the thrill of being a part of the Marvel or DC superhero universe. Some games allow you to play the role of the superhero themselves, or they allow you to play the role of the superhero’s accomplice. These mission based games usually include storylines that the audience has not seen on screen before!

Devices you can Play Games on -

When it comes to gaming, there are many, many devices that are perfect for gaming. Reliance Digital has got you covered for every single one of them.


     Mobile phones

     Gaming laptops



Having the right device for your games is important, so you can ensure that the experience is fun, and lag-free. Certain games require more powerful devices, so make sure you invest in a PC, laptop or console which is compatible with your device.

Find PC Games at an Affordable Prices with Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital’s range of games is exhaustive, and covers a huge range of different games. PC games are a great addition to your tech repertoire, and we have made sure you have ample options to choose from when it comes to any kind of games for pc. Shop for PC games made for kids and adults, both, right here on Reliance Digital.

We also have you covered for every appliance beyond gaming, as well. Browse through our range of electronics, and bag them at the best possible prices!