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Single Door Refrigerators

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Explore the best single door refrigerators at Reliance Digital

Single door refrigerators are a best option for budget buyers. They are small, yet have enough space for storing lots of food items. These days they come with premium-looking design that too while maintaining a budget price. Most models now come with next-generation inverter technology, making single door refrigerators far more power efficient. While keeping the food fresh, refrigerators also come with advanced health features. Here are some of the best models available at Reliance Digital.

Haier 258L 2 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

The Haier 258L 2 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is one of the most advanced single door fridges. This fridge comes with the Turbo icing technology which accelerates freezing, so you can have ice cubes in just few minutes. This Haier single door refrigerator has a strong and direct airflow unit that helps to keep food fresh and healthy. It comes with with toughened glass shelves and can bear weight of heavy utensils and food items. Since these shelves can be easily removed, cleaning the refrigerator from inside becomes easy. This refrigerator has sturdy door shelves with bottle guards for storing pep water bottles or soft drink cans. This Haier refrigerator is perfect for small to medium sizes homes, cafes and families.

LG 190 litres 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The LG 190 litres Direct Cool Single Door a perfect AC for mid to small-sized rooms. This is one of the most popular LG single door refrigerators you can buy right now. It comes with Moist N Fresh feature which helps to keep you food fresh. It also comes with an ice compartment and has a Fast Ice Making feature, so you don’t have to wait long for ice. This LG Refrigerator has a specialized Toughened Glass Shelves that is meant to carry heavy load without any spillage. You can remove this glass and clean the refrigerator from inside easily. It also has an Anti-bacterial gasket keeping your food fresh and healthy. This fridge won’t take too much space.

Samsung 192 litres 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The Samsung 192L 3 Star is one of the best refrigerators for medium-sized homes. It is designed in a premium manner, and has a truly distinctive attractive door design. It enhances the look of refrigerator with a fine line aesthetically placed towards the bottom to add a sleek and elegant look to your kitchen. This Samsung single door refrigerator comes with Digital Inverter Technology for greater energy efficiency, less noise and a long-lasting performance. 

The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. So it’s quieter, uses up to 50 per cent less power and is certified to work for 21 years, backed up by a 10 year warranty. This Samsung fridge has a Deep Door Guard can safely store larger bottles, bulky cartons of milk and juice and more beverage items without wasting space.

Reliance Digital is the best place to refrigerators at the best price. Here, you’ll find tons of interesting deals and discounts along with finance and EMI option that will make shopping an easy experience. Reliance Digital also offer ResQ Care Plan that offers benefits like extended warranty and covers major components.

Note – Prices are subject to change. Please refer product catalog for updated prices.

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