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Motorola Mobile Phones

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Motorola Mobiles – Perfectly combining reliability with performance

Motorola is a brand that is largely famous for its reliable smartphones. The brand offers a diversity of products ranging from budget smartphones to even high-end flagship devices. Motorola mobile phones are known for their durable build quality that lasts for years. You’ll also find tons of higher-end models also come with water and dust-resistant ratings. With durability, Motorola phones also offer a premium-looking and eye-catchy design. Even entry-level offerings come with a premium-looking design that gives Motorola mobiles an edge over other mobiles. A top-notch performance is also an inherent feature of Motorola phones. Their phones also offer a clean and bloatware-free software experience. Here is all you need to know about Motorola phones.

Moto E Series

The Moto E series mobile phones represent Motorola’s entry-level devices. Despite being offered at entry-level prices, E series phones offer premium features such as large 6.5-inch screens with a 90Hz refresh rate. The Moto E series phone includes models like Moto E7, Moto E7 Power, Moto E6s, and Moto E5 Plus. Newly added models like the Motorola E40 offer a 48MP camera system with a large 5,000mAh battery that can keep the phone powered for days. Motorola E series phones also come with a fingerprint reader for security. These phones are equipped with power-oriented processors from MediaTek and Unisoc that delivers enough performance for running day-to-day apps smoothly.  

Moto G Series

The Moto G series mobiles have a strong presence in the mid-range mobile segment due to their value-oriented offerings. These phones have a reputation of offering a strong performance that can run high-end apps and games smoothly. The Moto G lineup includes models like Moto G 5G, Moto G30, Moto G10 Power, Moto G40 Fusion, and Moto G31. Higher-end Moto G series phones like the Moto G51 and Moto G71 5G come with AMOLED displays that deliver deeper blacks, sharper contrast and true-to-life colours. Their displays also support a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and gaming experience. Motorola G mobiles phones are also equipped with pro-grade cameras. Moto G devices also support Motorola’s Turbo Charging technology that significantly reduces the charging times.

Moto Edge Series

Moto Edge series phones deliver flagship specs at accessible prices. The Moto Edge lineup includes phones like Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, and Motorola Edge 20 Pro. Latest models like Motorola Edge 30 Pro come with the latest Snapdragon Gen 8 flagship CPU. This provides top-notch power to run high-end games and apps. The phone also features an AMOLED 144Hz refreshing screen to take the gaming experience to the next level. This phone has a 50MP rear camera and a 60MP selfie camera. The Moto Edge phones are available in 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Higher-end models are also equipped with UFS 3.1 storage that delivers fast data transferring speeds. Selected Motorola Edge series phone also supports 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.

Moto Razr Series

Motorola is also a brand that makes futuristic foldable phones accessible. The Motorola Razr is one such offering. The device is made with aerospace-grade aluminium which makes it extremely durable. It is also splash resistant, so you can use it in the rain without any worries. The Motorola Razr comes with a 6.2-inch OLED foldable main screen. It has a solid hinge design that has been designed to last. The second 2.7-inch QuickView display is designed for quick tasks like checking notifications, responding to messages, or controlling music. The phone runs a powerful Snapdragon processor for handling everyday tasks.


FAQs for Motorola Mobiles 

Which Motorola mobiles are good for gaming?

Motorola Edge+ is one of the many Motorola phones which is good for gaming.


Which Motorola phone has 8GB RAM?

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion has 8GB RAM.


Which Motorola mobile phones have 6000mAH battery?

Motorola G40 Fusion and G60 have 6000mAH battery.


Which Motorola mobiles have 108MP camera?

Motorola G60 and Edge 20 Fusion have 108MP primary camera.


How do I make my Motorola mobile battery last longer?

Some of the primary ways to improve Motorola mobiles battery life are,

1. Reduce display brightness level

2. Close, disable or uninstall unused Apps

3. Turn off Always On Display (AOD)

4. Toggle off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use

5. Turn on Power saving mode



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