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IFB Washing Machines

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Buy IFB Washing Machine Online at Best Price

Purchasing a Washing Machine is an important investment for any household. Since it's a major purchase, it wouldn't hurt to do a little bit of research on the internet about the brands that sell washing machines and which ones are the best for your budget range.

IFB is one of the best brands that sell premium quality washing machines. With 30 years of experience and 40% market share, IFB washing machines have some of the most superior build qualities in the Indian market. 

IFB offers mainly two types of washing machine models - IFB front load washing machine and IFB washing machine in top load.

IFB washing machine in top load is more pocket-friendly and simpler due to its ergonomic build.

IFB front load washing machines are more expensive but are more energy and water efficient, have higher capacity, and are generally less noisy.

They also come equipped with advanced features such as steam wash and cradle wash.

     Smart Loader

IFB front load washing machines have a smart loading technology that lets you relax while managing your laundry. 

It can adjust the amount of detergent and water required according to the extent and type of dirt that needs to be cleaned off the clothes. It also helps save electricity. 

     Specialised Wash Styles 

IFB washing machines offer a wide array of washing styles such as -

     360° Wash
To ensure that all the clothes are soaked properly in detergent water, allowing a deep and thorough wash, the water is sprayed on the clothes by a special nozzle while the drum rotates in a 360 circular motion. 


     O2 Wash
One of IFB's technological innovations, the O2 wash generates millions of air bubbles that travel deep into the fabric material and force out the most stubborn dirt particles. After that, the washer also pushes out any detergent by passing the clothes through a rinser to come out clean from the machine.


     Cradle Wash
Meant for fragile garments such as silk, satin, laces, etc., Cradle wash gently washes off stains by making sure the detergent and washer are not too harsh on the delicate garments. As the name suggests, it swings in a cradle-type motion at a low 35 rpm to wash your clothes with extra care.


     Steam Wash
High-end IFB front load washing machines boast a Steam wash feature that helps to keep clothes wrinkle-free, warm and soft. 


Hard water is a common problem faced by many households in India. It's detrimental to the washer's efficiency because it is difficult for the detergent soap to dissolve completely in hard water. This leads to the formation of white layers of residue that end up choking parts of the washing machine essential to work properly.

IFB Aqua Energie technology tackles this problem head-on by converting the hard water to soft water first and then letting it pass through the pipe into the washer. Some models come equipped with built-in water filters that crystallize the bicarbonates in hard water, so they flow out with the water and don't choke critical points of the machine.

     Laundry add, Auto Balance, and Time Delay for a hassle-free washing experience 

How many times has this scenario played out in your household? You collect all the dirty laundry scattered around from all the rooms in your basket and load them into the washing machine. When you start the machine and decide to relax for a bit, you see one tiny sock lying on the ground. Frustrating, right? But don't worry, with the "Laundy add" feature, you can easily load more clothes into your machine mid-cycle. The "auto-balance" feature makes sure the newly added garments don't mess up the weight distribution of the clothes in the washer. The "Time Delay" option allows you to postpone the start of a wash cycle as per your requirement. You can customize this delay time between 30 minutes to 24 hours.


     Protection From Electricity Supply problems

Both IFB front load and IFB washing machine in top load have protective features installed.

Power cuts are a frequent occurrence in India, and most washing machines tend to default when one does happen. IFB washing machines have a memory-saving feature that remembers all the input from its previous cycle before it lost power and continues the same process once the power comes back. 

Newer IFB washing machine models make sure your machine doesn't override in the event of a voltage surge and stop the machine when it detects an unsafe amount of voltage coming in.

Popular IFB Washing Machine Models at RELIANCE DIGITAL

Reliance Digital is the best place to grab electrical appliances on the internet. They have some of the best products from leading brands in their huge stock of electronic goods and do not shy away from offering sweet deals. Both IFB Front-load and IFB top load washing machine models are available here. Some popular models are  - 

IFB Diva Aqua SX front load Washing Machine

     Price Range - INR 25-26k

     Load type - Front

     Load Capacity - 6kg

     Tumble Wash method

IFB Senator WSS

     Price Range - INR 39-40k

     Load type - Front

     Load Capacity - 8kg

     Steam Wash, 4D wash

     Aqua Energie technology

IFB Executive ZXM

     Price Range - INR 69-70k

     Load Type - Front

     Load Capacity - 8.5kg

     Power Steam, In-built Dryer, Refresh and dry feature

     Up to 5 drying options


IFB Washing Machines Price List

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