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Core i5 Laptop: A Perfect Blend of Performance and Affordability

While making a laptop purchase, every buyer is faced with a confounding choice between different kinds of processors. Intel offers an array of processors, each suited to different needs and budgets. The mainstream processor manufactured by Intel is the Core i5. A Core i5 laptop is an everyday laptop for a person with some high-performance needs. These laptops are affordable, efficient, and offer quality performance.

Core i5 Specifications

The first Core i5 processor was released in 2009, and new generations have been released since the 12th generation was the latest. Here are some specs about i5 processors:

     Their speeds range from 1.90 GHz to 4.90 GHz.

     The cache is from 3 to 20 MB.

     It utilizes an LGA 1150 or LGA 1155 socket on the motherboard.

     They usually have 4 cores (quad-core). However, the newer generation processors have up to 12 cores.

     Core i5 processors commonly use DDR3 1333 or 1600 RAM. The newer generation i5 processors are equipped with DDR4 RAM.

Features of Core i5 Laptop

Some unique features make Core i5 laptops so popular. Its smart performance and high-speed features make it ideal for regular usage and more challenging work. A few of the features are listed below:


     Supports high-performance functionality in ultra-thin laptops.

     Offers expanded battery life.

     The quick and smart processor feature in thinner laptops enables easy mobility.


     Smart performance and high speed are facilitated by the Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost technology feature. A few selected models of i5 processor laptops are loaded with the feature mentioned above.

     Smart multitasking feature enabled through four-way multitask processing is established by Intel Hyper-Threading technology feature. This will eliminate the chances of sluggish performance irrespective of the number of applications you are working with on your laptop.

     You can experience exceptional visual performance enabling vivid colour, image sharpness, realistic video image, and clear audio with the Intel HD Graphics technology feature. This feature enables enjoying HD quality movies and web videos and provides MS Windows 7 support, and allows you to play your favourite games.

     The in-built video card feature eliminates the need for an additional add-in video card to experience the points mentioned above. The i5 10th generation laptops are good examples of laptops with the said features.

     The 4g WiMAX wireless technology feature in i5 laptops helps in delivering unlimited smart performance from internet speed that exceeds 4 times greater than 3G speed. 


     Some of the security features supporting the i5 laptops are

1.    MacAfee security

2.    WinZip file compression

3.    Bit-Locker in 64-bit Windows 7 operating system

Buy a Core i5 Laptop at Reliance Digital.

If you are a business, gamer, or IT professional looking for an affordable and efficient laptop, a Core i5 laptop is a perfect fit for you. You can find laptops of all the popular brands named above on Reliance Digital. Log in and browse through the site to find your ideal i5 laptop!


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