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Hammer Earphones & Headphones

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Hammer Headphones – Delivering a rich sound quality

Hammer is a new brand that has quickly gained popularity in the audio accessories market. They offer tons of audio devices from Bluetooth Neckband earphones to even truly Wireless ones. Hammer also has a bunch of headphones with interesting designs and impressive sound quality. Here are some of the best Hammer headphones and earphones available at Reliance Digital.

Hammer Bash Over The Ear Headphones with HD Mic

The Hammer Bash are over-the-ear headphones from the brand with a premium design. They come with onboard controls, so you can control music and even summon voice assistants without even touching your phone. These latest Hammer bash Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones feature noise isolation to make your music experience more enjoyable. The cushion padding on the headphones effectively blocks noises from outside while being soft and pleasant on the ears of the end-user. These Hammer headphones come with a foldable design, so you can carry them around easily. The Hammer Bash headphones are priced at Rs. 1,699* and are available at Reliance Digital.

Hammer Solo Pro Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The lightweight Hammer Solo Pro comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for a seamless wireless music experience. They also support auto-pairing technology so you can quickly connect your smartphone to the device. The headphones have an elegant design that is way more premium than the rivals. The design is also comfortable and prevents the earphone from falling off. The earbuds' lightweight build ensures they are suitable for long music listening usage. 

The Solo pro never runs out of juice and performs on demand. They offer 3.5 hours of playtime and a mammoth standby time of 300h. These earbuds feature a TWS design with 10mm drivers providing an overall balanced performance. The custom-built driver delivers rich bass, crisp mids and clean highs which provide a perfect listening experience. The Hammer Solo Pro Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are priced at Rs. 2,499* and available at Reliance Digital.

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Note – Prices are subject to change. Please refer product catalog for updated prices.

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Hammer Earphones & Headphones Price List

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Hammer Earphones & Headphones Price List updated on 16-06-2024