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Fossil Smart Watches

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Buy Stylish Fossil Smartwatch Online in India

As technology evolves with time, men and women are ditching the regular analog watch for a sleek & stylish smart watch. Not only does a smartwatch look super chic on your wrist, but it is also an extremely convenient fitness & communication device that allows you to check important notifications and fitness details in a quick glance. With the modified look & advanced technology of a fossil smartwatch, what else do you need!

Featuring various fitness tracking tools such as a heart rate monitor, GPS and activity tracker, connectivity to Bluetooth & Wifi, and a water-resistant build, a fossil smartwatch takes technology to the next level. At Reliance Digital, you can find an exclusive online collection of smartwatches to pick your favorite fossil smartwatch at the best price!

Features of a Fossil Smartwatch

While we all love the dapper look that a smart watch brings to elevate the everyday look for men and women, it is integral to know the features that the smartwatch offers you. A fossil smartwatch available online at the best price boats some of these advanced features:-

  1. Fitness Tracking: Besides fitness enthusiasts, everyone needs to keep track of their daily activity and health. The fossil smartwatch comes equipped with fitness tracking features such as a Step counter, GPS and distance tracker, and calories burned. It even tracks your heart rate to represent your active sessions accurately.
  2. Communication: You can pair your fossil smartwatch to any device and access your texts, calls, notifications, and more easily on the back of your wrist. Forget constantly checking your smartphone for updates as you can easily just check all notifications and respond to calls and texts from the smart watch for men and women.
  3. Resistant build: Most fossil smartwatch models are designed to be water and weather-resistant. You don’t need to hold back if you’re going for a swim and want to track your activity. Men and women can effortlessly wear the smart watch for tracking their activity & heart rate without worrying about damage.
  4. iOS and Android Compatibility: A fossil smartwatch efficiently connects and is compatible with iOS and Android software.

Best Fossil Smartwatch under 26000

  1. Fossil Axial DZT2022 Smartwatch

        Touch screen digital display

        48 mm case diameter

        Stainless Steel Bezel, Nylon Band Material, Buckle Clasp

        Water Resistance (50 meters)

  1. Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

        Equipped with a Microphone & Loudspeaker,

        3.251 cm (1.28 inch) AMOLED display

        Installed with the latest version of Android

        1 GB RAM, 8GB Storage

        2 Push Buttons on the smartwatch

        Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS, NFC SE, WiFi

Best Fossil Smartwatch under 23000

  1. Fossil Gen 5 FTW4024I The Carlyle Smartwatch

        3.2 cm (1.25 inch)

        AMOLED display with 416 x 416 Resolution

        Runs with Wear OS by Google

        Compatible with iPhone and Android

        Water Resistant

        Multi-day battery modes

        In-built speaker

  1. FOSSIL Julianna HR FTW6062 Smartwatch

        3.25 cm (1.28 inch)

        Touch screen digital display with 416 x 416 resolution

        1-2 days of battery life after 2 hours of charging

        Water resistant up to 50 m

        Heart rate monitor

        1 GB internal storage, 8 GB RAM,

        Voice control feature

        Stainless steel dial, stainless steel strap

  1. FOSSIL Garrett HR FTW4038 Smartwatch

        Up to 6 months of battery life after 2 hours of charging

        Water resistant up to 50 m

        Stainless Steel Dial, Silicone Strap,

        Notification alert from different communication apps

  1. FOSSIL Gen 5 Julianna FTW6054 Smartwatch

        3.25 cm (1.28 inch)

        Touch screen digital display

        Leather Band Material

        Charge up to 80 percent under an hour

        Google Fit for tracking heart rate, GPS & activity

        Water & swimproof design

        Runs with Wear OS by Google

        Compatible with iPhone and Android

Best Fossil Smartwatch under 22000

  1. FOSSIL Falster 3 SKT5200 Smartwatch

        4.82 cm (1.19 inch)

        Touch screen digital display with 390 x 390 resolution

        1-2 days of battery life after 2 hours of charging

        Water-resistant (30 meters)

        Heart Rate Monitor

        8 GB RAM & 1 GB Internal Memory

        Voice Control Feature

        Stainless Steel Dial, Stainless Steel Strap,

  1. Fossil Q Gen 4 Hr FTW6015 Smartwatch

        Water resistance (30 meters)

        Google Assistant

        Bluetooth & Wifi connectivity

        Heart rate & GPS tracker

        About 24 hours estimated battery life

Best Fossil Smartwatch under 20000

  1. FOSSIL Sport FTW6027 Smartwatch

        4GB Internal storage

        AMOLED digital display

        More than 24 Hours of battery life

        Water & swimproof

        Heart rate, GPS & activity tracking

        Ultra lightweight design

        Receives smartphone notifications

  1. FOSSIL Carlie FTW5039 Smartwatch

        Water resistance (50 meters)

        1-2 days of battery life with 120 mins of charging time

        Stainless steel dial, leather strap

        4 GB RAM & 512 MB internal storage

        3.02 cm (1.19 inch)

        Hybrid display

        Quartz Movement

        Accelerometer sensor

        Bluetooth connectivity

        Compatible with iPhone and Android

Shop for a Fossil Smartwatch at the Best Price at Reliance Digital

Whether you’re looking for a smart watch for women or men, the fossil smartwatch is the answer! Keep up with the times and opt for an elegant fossil smartwatch that keeps you in style and on the fitness track!

Fossil Smart Watches Price List

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