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Buy Boat Bluetooth Headphones at Best Price Online

Your favourite song can uplift your mood on the worst day, just like an advanced sound system can enhance your gaming experience! While several youngsters use a surround sound system in their room, there’s nothing better than wearing noise-cancelling headphones that amplify every sound to give you a chilling experience! While wire headphones are commonly available in the market and online, the Boat bluetooth headphones are the new-age answer to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of music!

At Reliance Digital, we’ve curated the best headphones from the renowned brand Boat, which offer superior technology to facilitate a seamless sound experience! With these powerful Bluetooth Boat headphones, you will be transported into the virtual world of your favourite game. Enjoy an immersive experience whenever you watch an action-packed thriller movie, listen to your favourite podcast, or play your favourite game on PS!

Things to consider when you buy Bluetooth headphones online

With utmost comfort & advanced technology, nothing is holding you back from an immersive, thrilling, and out-of-the-world experience! These Boat headphones do what they do:

     Uses a USB port: While the bluetooth headphones should be completely wireless, they must have a USB port where you can plug in the charger to recharge them. While bluetooth headphones don’t require a cable wire, many people prefer having the option to plug in a cable wire when they want to conserve the headphones’ battery life. You can also opt for bluetooth headphones that are equipped with an AUX port to plug in an AUX cable wire whenever you wish.

     Battery Life: Opt for a pair of bluetooth headphones that guarantee long-lasting battery life & quick charging to ensure that you don’t have to worry about it running out of power.

     Securable ear loop option: Every person has a unique set of ears. Like several other products, headphones also have varying fits and you should opt for one that fits your ear shape & structure. Headphones can be difficult to manage if they don’t fit right, as your head moves all the time, and only the right fit will ensure you enjoy an undisturbed listening experience.

     Sound Quality: The most integral part to consider when you buy bluetooth headphones online is that they have a clear, robust sound technology that is not disturbed by any factors.

     Accessories: The headphones usually come with certain accessories such as a charger and an AUX cable. Ensure that your Bluetooth headphones package is complete with these accessories.

     Controls: The bluetooth headphones mostly have control buttons positioned on its body. Make sure to opt for those that you can reach & engage with easily.

     Comfort: You should feel at utmost ease & comfort to enjoy the bluetooth headphones. Always have a look at all the physical features of the headphones before you make a purchase.

     Price: It’s a myth that good bluetooth headphones are always heavy on the pocket. There is a range of bluetooth headphones available online at varying prices that fit your budget & requirements!

Best Boat Headphones at 4099

  1. Boat Immortal 1300 Gaming Bluetooth Headphones

     Driverless, 3D Spatial Sound

     Dual Connectivity Mode

     RGB LED lights

     Dual Microphone system

     Dedicated Dongle Slot

Best Boat Headphones at 3099

  1. Boat Immortal 1000D Over-the-Ear Wired Gaming Headphones

     7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Audio

     Exclusively designed for the PC

     Dolby Atmos

     50mm Drivers

     Real RGB LEDs

Best Boat Headphones under 3000

  1. Boat Immortal IM400 7.1 Channel Wired Gaming Headphone with RGB LED Modes

     7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound

     Changeable RGB LED Modes

     Smooth Audio & Mic Driver Customization

     Remote Controller For Audio, Mic, LEDs

     Unparalleled Design, Cosy Earmuffs

     Omni-Directional Mic

  1. Boat Immortal 200 Gaming Headphones

     7.1 Channel Headphones

     Noise Isolating Mic

     50 mm Drivers

     RGB Breathing LED

  1. Boat Rockerz 610 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Soft Ear Cushion

     3 Hours Charging Time, 100 Standby Time

     On-Ear Headphone, Moving Coil Driver

     300mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery

     Bluetooth v4.1 Connectivity, 10m Bluetooth Range

     up to 8 hours of audio Playback, Rated Power: 10mW

     Red LED for Charging Indicator, In-Built Mic

     Blue LED Indicator for Power & Bluetooth Pairing Indicator

Best Boat Headphones under 2000

  1. Boat Rockerz 550 RTL Bluetooth Headphones

     Up to 20 Hours of Playback

     Physical Noise Isolation

     50 mm Dynamic Drivers

     500 mAh Battery

  1. Boat Rockerz 518 Bluetooth Headphones

     Boat Signature Sonic High Definition Sound

     Over 10 Hours of Playback

     Soft Faux Leather Ear Pads

     Stylish and Sturdy

     Optimal Comfort with a lightweight build

  1. Boat Rockerz 450R Bluetooth Headphones

     Up To 15 hours of Playback

     300mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

     40mm Dynamic Drivers

     HD Immersive Audio

     Voice Assistant

     Bluetooth Range: 10 metre, Bluetooth v4.2 Connectivity

Best Boat Headphones under 2000

  1. Boat Rockerz 400 RTL On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

     Nonstop music playback up to 8 hours

     Pro Headset

     40 mm Dynamic Drivers, 300 mAh battery

     Compact and lightweight Headset

     Speaker resistance of up to 32 Ohm

     HD Clarity Sound With Super Bass

     Wireless Range Of 10 Meters

     Activate Voice assistant with one-click

  1. Boat Bassheads 910 Headphone in-Ear Wired Headphones

     Super Powerful Bass

     Sleek & Lightweight

     Comfortable Fit

     Compact, Foldable & Easy to carry

     In-Line Microphone

Discover the best deals on Boat Headphones Online at Reliance Digital

Indulge in the best immersive & exciting experience by shopping from an extensive & affordable range of bluetooth headphones brought to you by Boat at Reliance Digital!