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Whether it is a joy or a tiring necessity to you, cooking at home is a pretty much unavoidable practice. Nothing is more nourishing than a meal that’s made at home, suited to your taste, and with just the right balance of spices that you are used to. This makes having a well-equipped kitchen quite a basic necessity for even the most minimalist home.

A kitchen is considered to be the most important part of the home, since cooking up and eating 3 meals a day is a basic human necessity. Having an up-to-date kitchen with quality appliances makes sure your cooking and cleaning process is simple, convenient, and glitch-free.

To start with the process of setting up your kitchen, the most basic appliance you will need is a kitchen hob, more commonly known as a gas or gas stove. Most of the meals you will eat will very likely be cooked on your gas stove itself. Other appliances like microwaves, mixer grinders, and ovens will not be used as much as the gas stove, especially with Indian cooking. This makes the gas stove purchase one of the most important things you will buy for your home.

What is a gas stove or kitchen hob?

A normal gas stove sits on top of your kitchen’s countertop and is connected to either an LPG cylinder or a pipe gas outlet that supplies cooking gas to your whole building or unit. Both stoves and kitchen hobs have a few common elements, such as a fixed number of burners, flame regulators, and glass cooktops. Most high-quality stoves and kitchen hobs have high-quality brass burners to ensure that you can use them for a long time.

While gas stoves are external and can be moved around on the counter, your kitchen hob is an inbuilt appliance that is attached to the counter. The kitchen hob in specific is a purchase made by homeowners rather than renters, as it is a permanent fixture to the kitchen. When designing a kitchen, an inbuilt hob is always preferred as it gives the kitchen a classy and seamless look.

Features of kitchen Hobs and Stoves

     Auto Ignition stove hobs

Whether you are more comfortable with gas lighters or not, having an auto-ignition stovetop is a lot more hassle-free. Losing your stove lighter, or having a lighter that is no longer working can be quite annoying. An autoignition is a great option for those who like to keep their kitchen accessories at a minimum.

     Burner size range, and number of burners

Some of us with smaller families do not need a full-fledged stove with 4 burners. A larger family is more likely to require 4 burners of different sizes, and Reliance Digital has a range of stovetops and hobs that offer a large range of burner sizes and numbers.

We also offer many different configurations for stoves - some have a single burner, and still, others offer all 4. You can buy glass cooktops with 2 and 3 burners as well.

Points to Consider Before you Buy your Kitchen Hobs

There are quite a few factors to consider before you invest in a stovetop or kitchen hob for your home. Here they are:

     What is your budget for your brand new stovetop or kitchen hob?

     Do you want a removable or external kitchen hob, or an attached one?

     How many members are currently in your family, and therefore, how many burners do you need?

     Which colors match your aesthetic preference, and are those colors available in your brand of choice?

     Do you prefer an auto-ignition stove or a manual ignition stove?

     How much space does your kitchen counter have for your stovetop or kitchen hob?

We suggest taking note of all of these deciding factors before going ahead and investing in a stovetop or kitchen hob.

Brands To Look out for Kitchen Hobs

Reliance Digital has a really wide range of stovetops and kitchen hobs for you to choose from, whether your budget is humble or lavish, whether your family is small or large, or whether you want a basic kitchen hob or one that is loaded with features. Choose from trusted brands such as Hindware, Kutchina, Hafele, Kaff, Faber, Prestige, & many more.

You can trust Reliance Digital to give you the most competitive pricing on your stovetops, kitchen hobs, and the entire range of kitchen appliances. We make sure there are several appliances to fulfill not just basic needs, but also to indulge yourself.