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Buy Juicer Mixers and Blenders Online at Best Price

A healthy lifestyle is a key to happiness, and a glass of tasty and healthy juice is the first step towards achieving this goal. Start your morning with a glass of fresh juice instead of tea or coffee and feel the difference. Several packaged juices are available in the market, but they are high in sugary content and artificial flavorings.

Your fitness goal will be highly affected by consuming these packaged juices. Instead, try making one with whatever fruits or vegetables are available at home with the help of a juicer. You will find several popular brands of juicers in the market. Buy one that matches your requirement and budget, and help yourself get a glass of freshly made juice in no time.

A glass of fresh juice is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and helps to boost your energy throughout the day. Put your choice of fruits and vegetables in the juicer machine and make your daily glass of fresh juice instantly. Getting a juicer or a portable juice blender at home will enable you to make juices at any time of the day.

Most of the fruit juicers are easy to use, and you can even engage your kids to make a glass for themselves. They might not like to munch on whole fruits, but a glass of orange juice or mixed fruit juice will surely entice them. It would be a fun game for them and a good way to keep these kids from consuming unhealthy beverages.

Features of Juicers

     There are four types of juicers - centrifuge, masticator, twin gear, and citrus juicers.

     Centrifugal juicer facilitates quick juicing and is highly in demand.

     The motor power depends on what kind of juicer you want to buy. Hard fruits, vegetables, and stone fruit juicers are more powerful than citrus fruit juicers.

     Several modern juicers have separate filtration techniques for separating the juice and the pulp.

     The newer versions of juicers have a rotating knife feature for grinding. The speed of rotation and blade adjustment is managed through this feature.

     Tough outer body to resist heat.

     Extra attachments are provided for different usage.

     Available in different brands and price ranges matching your budget.

     Provides brand warranty to cover after-sales service within a fixed period.

Types of Juicers

Juicers are a common thing nowadays, and with more people choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle, it has become an essential household appliance. However, to identify which juicer mixer is ideal for your needs, let’s check the following:

Centrifugal Juicers

     It is the quickest and most commonly used juicer.

     Quick extraction of juice, thereby saving a lot of time.

     The fast-moving flat-cutting blades in the mesh chamber help to mash larger pieces at high-speed, resulting in shredding the fruit/vegetable and extracting the juice.

     Pure juice is separated from the pulp by transferring the latter to a detachable container.

     The filter requires regular cleaning to avoid clogging.

     The motor power ranges between 800 Watts to 1000 Watts.

     Readily available in the market at an economical price range. 

Masticating Juicers

     Also called the slow press juicers.

     Requires more time to extract juices from fruits and veggies than centrifugal juicers.

     They have a motor power of 150 Watts to 300 Watts.

     Functions in an automated mechanism for pressing the fruits/vegetables.

     Fruits and vegetables are mechanically mashed (masticated) and converted to a fine grounded pulp.

     The Colour of the juice is darker and holds maximum nutrient value.

     Available in vertical and horizontal models.

     The vertical models are versatile compared to the horizontal ones and help in automatic shredding.

Triturating Juicers

     It uses a twin gear technology to extract fresh and healthy juices.

     Two augers work in tandem, which puts minimum pressure on the motor.

     The drills' rotation speed is low, which helps to crush, grind, and extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

     The juice extraction process is uniform for all kinds of fruits/ veggies.

     The extracted juices are smooth, colourful, and loaded with nutrients.

     With multiple attachments, the cleaning process becomes lengthy.

Citrus Juicers

     Extracts juice from citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, sweet limes, grapefruits, etc.

     A rounded cone on the juicer helps press and squeeze out the juice.

     Available in various models like vertical hand-pressed, pressed bowl, etc.

     They are popular for their portability and are also called portable juicer mixers.

     Electric citrus juicers come with less powerful motors, 30 Watts to 40 Watts.

     Also, available in different shapes and materials.

Wide Variety of Juicer Mixers Available at Reliance Digital

Enjoy your favourite fruit or vegetable juice sitting at home by buying a juicer loaded with advanced technology and features. At Reliance Digital, you will get different brands of juicers to select from. Check the features and price to choose the perfect one. You can even go for a juicer mixer grinder to enjoy additional convenience while cooking. Make your life easy and healthy by purchasing the ideal juicer.


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