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IFB 5.5 Kg Dryer, Maxi Dry 550
Key Features
  • Refresh cycle makes clothes smell fresh
  • Retains the color of the clothes
  • Dryer removes lint and hair from clothes
Finance Schemes
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  • Warranty: 4 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Deal Price: ₹19,190
  • Offer Price: ₹19690
  • MRP: 19990 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 4%(₹800)
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IFB Maxi Dryer 550 makes your fabrics feel fresh, soft and fragrant. It comes with multiple drying programs and anti-crease cycle to reduce cloth wrinkles.

Maxi Dry 550

With the IFB Maxi Dry, bid goodbye to damp clothes, creased clothes, bad odour and allergies from lint and germs. With its 6 Drying Programme, the Maxi Dry will dry your clothes with care, irrespective of the fabric. So go out, enjoy the monsoons the way you would as a child.

6 Drying Programmes
Choose the perfect drying programme based on the fabric type or how wet your clothes are. The 6 wash care programme sets the heat intensity and drying time at just the turn of the dial.

Anti Crease - Auto Reverse drying cycle
Enjoy crease-free, dry clothes. Your dryer's gentle clockwise and anti- clockwise rotating action along with a stream of gentle hot and cool air ensures crease- free drying.

Higher Drum Volume
Now, reduce your drying cycles as IFB 100% Clothes Dryers come with a 5.5 kg capacity drum which allows you to dry a larger volume of laundry at once.

Wall Mounting, Upside Down
Save space by mounting your dryer on the wall or even upside down on your washing machine without hampering the drying cycles.

Hygenic drying
Drying clothes in the open makes them susceptible to pollution, germs and dust. Damp clothes are breeding ground for germs. They are unhygenic and get a bad smell, especially in the monsoon. IFB's 100% dryer ensures that your clothes are soft & fresh all the time.

Care for Colours
The sun's UV rays fade out the colours of clothes. The IFB 100% clothes dryer does not fade the colours of your clothes, and the clothes look good as new for longer

Fragrant Clothes
Clothes stored for a long time, like woolens get a musty odour and need to be aired. The IFB 100% clothes dryer comes with a refresh cycle that passes cool air over the clothes and makes them smell fresh.

Allergy Free
Dryer removes lint and hair from your clothes while drying, this results in fresh, clean, lint free clothes that help prevent allergies.


General Information
    Maxi Dry
    5.5 litres
Technical Specifications
    Max. Spin Speed
    55 RPM
    Loading Type
    Lint Filter
    Drum Type
    Stainless Steel
Power Details
    Power Supply
    220 V, 50 Hz
Physical Dimensions
    60 cms
    72 cms
In The Box & Warranty
    4 Years