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Buy Gaming Console Online in India

Gaming consoles have risen in popularity like nothing else in the past few decades. What started with old-style Play Stations, Nintendos and Wiis, has now evolved into a lot more advanced gadgetry like the XBOX Series S, the PlayStation 4, and many, many more devices that allow you to delve deep into the world of gaming.

Gaming as an activity was met with a lot of resistance but is now looked at with more acceptance and understanding. It is now widely known that gaming can be a fun hobby that has quite a few advantages, such as:

     Gaming can heighten cognitive function in children and adults.

     Gaming of all kinds can increase hand-eye coordination.

     Gaming ensures that your concentration levels stay high.

     Gaming is an entertainment option that doubles up as a competitive activity.

     Gaming now allows you to experience hybrid games that challenge you physically and can help keep you physically fit.

There are so many types of games out there for you to choose from, such as:

     Simulation games

     Sports-based games

     Adventure-based games

     Stealth shooter games

     Superhero games

Reliance Digital covers you for every kind of game you might need, for kids or adults, for every kind of gaming console you have.

Browse Through the Latest Gaming Consoles

There are quite a few kinds of gaming consoles that you can buy on Reliance Digital.

     Microsoft XBOX

Microsoft Xbox is a gaming console system developed by Microsoft, the same company that made the uber-popular Windows operating system. The Xbox system started with the Xbox 360, which came out way back in 2005. Now, the Xbox One is the latest one, announced in 2013.

The Xbox One comes with an 8 core CPU, an 8 GB RAM and a 500GB / 1TB HDD. One of the console's best features is that it has a Blue-Ray drive.

     Sony PlayStations

The range of home gaming consoles released by Sony. The first PlayStation, the PS1, came out way back in 1994, and the latest one is now called the PlayStation 5 and is available right here on Reliance Digital. You can also buy the PS4 1 TB Slim Version of the PlayStation on Reliance Digital.

The console is fueled by the GDDR5 8GB RAM. The PS4 supports games with high-end graphics. The storage size of this variant is 1 Terabyte.

     PCs or gaming laptops

Reliance Digital's range of gaming laptops is compatible with all major PC games, and we have a huge range of laptops meant specifically for gaming.

Our range of gaming consoles includes a whole range of super popular handheld consoles, such as the Mitashi MT64 Console, the Mitashi Thunderbolt console, and more!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Gaming Console

Before you buy your brand new gaming console, you must consider the following factors:

     What is your budget when it comes to purchasing a home gaming console?

     What kind of gaming console do you want - a PlayStation, a Mitashi, or an Xbox?

     What types of games do you prefer, and are they compatible with the console you consider?

     Do you want to shop for a console that supports motion gaming?

     Do you prefer a portable gaming console, like the PSP or the Mitashi?

Find the Best Gaming Console within your Budget.

Reliance Digital has got you covered, whether it's ultra-portable PSPs and Mitashis to more heavy-duty gaming consoles, like the Xbox or the Playstation.

With our amazing offers and stellar after-sales service, we make it a point to ensure that you buy the best products, from the most trusted brands, at the best possible prices.

Go ahead and shop for the best gaming consoles and gaming console accessories on Reliance Digital.