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FREE   Theft & Accidental Insurance with Laptop RCP (ResQ Care Plan)
FREE   Theft & Accidental Insurance with Laptop RCP (ResQ Care Plan)
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FREE - Theft & Accidental Insurance with Laptop RCP (ResQ Care Plan)(600505571)


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    Key Features

    • Anti-Theft - Any kind of theft , Snatching, Burglary, Pickpocket (from inside moveable or non-moveable property )
    • Accidental Damage - Any physical (Body Damage) or screen damage or Liquid damage (Due to spills or drops)
    • Protection against Screen protection, physical damage, liquid damage like tea, coffee and any oil spills
    Return Policy
    • For return eligibility. Read-T&C
    • All accessories, product & packaging need to be returned in original condition.
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    • MRP:  1,500.00 (Inclusive of all taxes)
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    In the hustle, bustle of daily life your Laptop is subject to several situations that may cause it to be affected. That accidental slip from your hand could crash-land it and damage parts. That spilling of your favourite coffee can spoil it. That forceful pugging of the USB could damage its ports. That theft or burglary could take off 100% of your investment in the gadget. Or it could simply with time, regular wear and tear would have worn it (time to get that new phone we say!). Laptops today are fragile and prone to physical damage causing immense inconvenience – imagine not having your laptop for a complete day - because it has gone for repairs! Add to it the repair costs - How would that feel? We understand, therefore suggest that you invest in the right Laptop protection plan and prolong your Laptop's life. Fixing a malfunctioning Laptop is expensive and time consuming, especially If it isn't covered under the manufacturer warranty or an extended warranty. Buying this Extended Warranty for your laptop will protect your Laptop for 1 Year .


    • Protection against theft / accidental damage that are not covered in Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Average failure rates and repair costs for Laptop components is high

    1. When does the Insurance cover start?
    Insurance starts on the day of Billing and remains active in the 1st Year.

    2. What is covered under the Insurance plan?
    Theft & Accidental Damage ( Both physical & Liquid )  are covered under the Insurance Plan

    3. Can the customer purchase the Insurance Plan for existing/old handset?
    No, the Insurance Plan is only available on buying RCP along with new Laptop.

    4. Can the customer purchase the Insurance Plan separately ?
    No, the Insurance Plan is only available on buying RCP along with new Laptop.

    5. Does the mobile value depreciate during the cover period?
    Yes , there are applicable depreciation values during the plan period , refer T&C .

    6. Can a customer cancel his/her plan purchase?
    No, a purchase cannot be cancelled.

    7. What all documents are required to file a repair request?
    -Accidental Damage -: The original device invoice, government ID proof and duly filled claim form .

     -Theft -: The original device invoice, government ID proof . duly filled claim form and regsitred FIR from local Police Station .

    8. How long does it take to get an Insurance repair request processed?
    It takes 7 to 10 after the laptop is dispatched to Authorised Repair centre .

    9. How many repair request can a customer file during the validity of the plan?

    There is no limit on the number of repair requests. However, the maximum is decided basis the invoice value of the customer’s Laptop . For e.g. If the first repair request utilizes the insured amount, you cannot apply for a second repair request. However, the balance amount left after your first repair request can be used for coverage amount of the second repair request and so on.

    Claim Process

    Complete Claim Procedure for Laptop Claims Servicing – Damage and Theft Insurance

    1) Free Door Step Pick and Drop & Cashless Facility

    2) Self Repair (Onsite, Offsite ) & Cashless Facility

    3) Self Repair (Onsite, Offsite ) & Reimbursement from Insurance Co’

    OPTION 1 )




    Under this facility your damage laptop will be picked up from the registered address ( or any other address which you may request on producing the copy of purchase Invoice Bill and Valid ID Proof ) and your laptop will be repaired at an Authorised Service centre of the brand and delivered back to you within stipulated time of ( 7-10 days ) based on the availability of the spare parts at the service centre.

    Your responsibilities (i.e. customer’s / Insured responsibilities) –

    a) Inform W and I A Services – Either by Phone Call or Email at on Damage or Theft ( as soon as possible and not later than 48 hrs)

    b) W and I A Services will guide you over the phone or email you the entire procedure - For verification you need to Attach the Damage Picture of the Laptop along with the Serial Number of the laptop (that is insured). Also attach – Insurance Certificate (signed by the customer/ insured), Completely filled Claim form (signed by the customer/ insured), Purchase Invoice, Description Letter ( How the laptop was damaged).

    c) Pick up will be scheduled the same day or as per your convenience from your Registered Address.

    d) Pack the Damage laptop in the same packing as it was received at the time of purchase or any similar package so that no further damage happens to your laptop.

    e) On repair the laptop will be return to you on the same registered address along with the copy of repair bill and jobsheet ( so that you are sure of the genuine repair undertaken and you can also avail the future bands remaining warranty from their authorised service centre )

    f) You will be required to borne a nominal amount of the repair ( as per the policy depreciation, excess and salvage charges that will not be paid by the insurance co’) , the respective amount will be informed and the same will be collected online from you.

    g) Feedback call will be made after 7 days – to record your satisfaction

    OPTION 2)


    1) For Cashless Facility – the Authorised service centre should prepare the repair bill in the name of the insurance co’ – ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO’ LTD with their GST No - 27AAACT0627R4ZW

    2) Jointly Sign the Joint Discharge Voucher - (The Discharge Voucher should be signed by both the repairer and the insured ( i.e. customer )

    3) You may either get the laptop repair by calling the authorized repairer home or you may visit the nearest service centre of the brand.

    4) You will be required to pay/ borne a nominal amount of the repair ( as per the policy depreciation, excess and salvage charges that will not be paid by the insurance co’) , the respective amount will be informed and the same will be collected online from you.


    To get claims authorization and approval from the insurance co’- What is to be sent over the email

    1. a) Picture of Damage Laptop with Serial no, Jobsheet from the Service centre, Description Letter how did the damage happened with date time and place mentioned ( with signature of the Insured), Claim Form ( Completely filled and with signature of the Insured) , Purchase Invoice Bill and Insurance Certificate (signed by the customer/ insured)
    2. b) On receiving the above email the insurance co’ will check and provide the authorization and their approval for the claim after all verification from their side, and will also approve the claim amount that should be paid by the insurance co’ towards full and final settlement of the captioned claim. Any amount over and above will have to be paid or borne by the Insured for the particular repair.
    3. c) You will receive the Approval in 24 hrs over the email , along with a JOINT DISCHARGE VOUCHER from the insurance co’ to be signed by yourself and the service centre - based on receipt of this document in Original the insurance co’ will pay to the repairer the claim amount as per the policy terms.
    4. d) The repair bill should be in the name of the insurance co’ – ORIENTAL INSURANCE CO’ LTD with their GST No - 27AAACT0627R4ZW



    OPTION 3 )



    Documents Required for Claim

    You are hereby requested to send us the following documents within 1 months from the date of claim intimation for claims reimbursement after getting the handset / LAPTOP/ Tab repaired from any of the authorized repair center of the brand –

    In case of repairable claims –

    1) Original Repair bill (with PAID Stamp and Seal by the repairer OR proof of payment) - parts name, labour charge and IMEI no / Serial Number or Jobsheet SO number should be mentioned; The Repair bill should be computer generated.

    2) Copy of Service Job-sheet – IMEI no/ Serial Number should be mentioned- Physical Damage should also be mentioned, The Jobsheet should be computer generated ( manual jobsheet is not acceptable).

    Please note service jobsheet and Repair Bill are 2 different documents and both should be submitted to the insurance company.

    3) Copy of Insurance certificate ( Signed by the Insured ) AND Purchase Invoice (Both Documents Stamp, sealed and signed by the Dealer)

    4) Original claim form ( signed by the Insured )

    5) Letter of description of the Complete Incident with date and time self written by the Insured – signed by the insured

    Description Letter -

    For authorizing and admitting the captioned claim under Accidental Damage policy - Please write the entire description ( step –by – step of the occurrence) - with date/ time/ place and the entire incident how the product was damaged. Where was the phone kept during accident.

    6) Self Attested - Cancelled chq photocopy of the insured – where in insured name is printed or sent passbook copy also for reference to fund transfer by the Insurance co’


    7) Self Attested - Photo ID card

    Any other documents if may be required by the insurance co'.


    Claim documents mailing address – Kindly Post or Courier or Inform us if you want us to Pick up your claim documents from your registered address.



    SECTOR - 11, PLOT NO - 7

    DWARKA NEW DELHI – 110075

    Pls. Note : the claim is only admitted if policy already registered with the insurance co’ by your vendor. Claim settlement will subject to completion of documentation and as per the policy terms and only if the claim falls under the preview/ scope of the cover opted.


    Documents Required for Theft Claim

    Please note: As per the policy terms misplaced, missing, mysterious disappearance and lost phones are not covered only theft, stolen, burglary, snatching, pick pocket are covered.

    You are requested to follow the below process in case of THEFT CLAIM –

    Please inform the police authority within 48 hrs of the theft.

    1) Theft report issued by police preferable FIR ( Under IPC section 379/380/382) in ORIGINAL OR Theft CSR - that mentions Theft/ Stolen/ Snatching/ Pickpocket/ Burglary in the report;

    2) The Insurance co’ will also need the Un-trace report from the police in ORIGINAL - usually provided to customer by the police after 7 -21 days time after searching for the phone with air-time operators. Enclosed is the Format of Such report – Please get the same signed & stamped by the concern Police Station. ( Kindly contact us for the Format of Un-trace Report )

    Specifications (FREE - Theft & Accidental Insurance with Lapt...)

    General Information

      GENERAL EXCLUSIONS : The Insurance Company shall not be liable in respect of:

      1) Theft or loss or damage arising outside the territorial limits of India.

      2) Costs/damage/ amount recoverable from any third party under the terms of any guarantee or warranty (or otherwise which would be recoverable but for any act or omission of the Owner / Insured Person).

      3) Any reduced performance or efficiency of the Equipment for any reason whatsovever.

      4) Loss of use of the Equipment or consequential loss of any nature.

      5) The Insurance Company may at its own option repair, reinstate or replace the Equipment or part thereof and/or its accessories or may pay in bank the amount of the loss or damage and the liability of the Company shall not exceed the purchase cost of the equipment or present market value at the time of loss or damage less Depreciation,

      Excess and Salvage. Insurers shall not be bound to replace the Equipment with Equipment of an Identical specification but only compensate for an Equipment as nearly as circumstances warrant in the event replacement is offered.

      6) Any associated charges levied by the supplier to the Owner including any but not limited to air-time reconnection, SIM card programming, transportation and installation costs etc.

      7) Repairs and maintenance carried out by any Repairer other than a Repairer nominated by the Facilitator or Authorized Service Centres of the manufacturers.

      8) Theft or loss or damage caused by negligence, abuse or misuse in respect of the Equipment including: a.) Failure to use or site the Equipment in accordance with Manufacturer's instructions and failure to follow maintenance recommendations; b.) Use of accessories or Equipment not approved by the manufacturer or incorrect connections of

      signal leads or application of incorrect/improper electrical supply; c.) Use of faulty or pirated software or programming or electrical power surge or fluctuation etc.

      9) The cost of remedying or making good solely due to: a.) Wear and tear, gradual deterioration or rust, inherent vice & defects. b.) Gradually developing defects, cracks, mechanical derangement, flaws or fractures, Detorioration arising from wear & tear, moth, insects, Vermin, mildew, etc. c.) Scratching, Scoring or chipping of surfaces. d.) Cost

      of maintenance, overhaul or modification or loss or damage therefrom. e) Loss caused due to bad weather, fire, terrorism, freezing or heat, flood, earthquake, natural calamities, war, strike, riot, civil commotion nuclear perils. f) Any loss or damage arising due to virus, bad commands or faulty signals emanating or any other electronics data media.

      1. g) Damage due to attempted tampering / self repairing / unauthorized repairing of the Insured Equipment. h) Software malfunctioning and related issues, Virus attacks, bricked devices. j) Electrical Short-circuit / Open Circuit / Lightning / Burnt Circuit/ Battery Explosion / Spillage / Leaks etc k) Manufacturing defects, faulty design, failure to

      performing etc. l) Loss or damage due to internal electronic and / or mechanical breakdown.

      10) Any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from a. )War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities ( whether war be declared or not ), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power; confiscation, or nationalization, or requisition or destruction or damage to Equipment by or under the

      order of any government or public or local authority. b.) Ionizing radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, or c.) The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof; d. Pressure waves

      caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.

      11) If any claim made under the insurance be fraudulent in any respect, or if any fraudulent means or device is used by the Owner to obtain any claim hereunder, all the benefits under this insurance shall be forfeited in respect of that Owner.

      12) Theft or accident damage to the Equipment whilst in custody or use or on loan to any third party for whatever reasson, except spouse and dependent children of the Owner.

      13) Any claim arising out of the Manufacturer's Product recall.

      14) Theft or accident damage to any additional equipment or accessories including but not limited to carrying cases, batteries, battery chargers, hands free mounting kit or external antennae.

      15) Actual breaking or burning out of any component relating to any additional equipment or accessories including but not limited to carrying cases, batteries, battery chargers, hands-free mounting kit or external antennae.

      16) Electrical & Mechanical Breakdowns due to internal cause or malfunctioning.

      17) Loss or damage which is covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty.

      18) Loss or damage due to Incorrect Storage, Improper handling & maintenance, forgotten /misplaced items.

      19) Intentional Loss / Damage by the Owner or his family members or servents.

      20) Time of Loss not within the Policy window / period.

      SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO THEFT CLAIMS : The Insurers shall not be liable in respect of Theft of the equipment if the insured electronic equipment is : -

      1. Kept unattended in any motor vehicle unless the vehicle is locked. The Equipment has to be placed out of sight of passer-by and all protections shall put into operation so that theft following forced and violent entry into the vehicle is avoided. Proof of loss or damage to the vehicle at the same time confirming forced entry or exit must be

      submitted with any claim of theft hereunder.

      1. Theft of the Equipment caused due to the Equipment being left unattended by the owner in any manner whatsoever during travel by rail, road, air or waterways.
      2. Theft of the Equipment from any property or premises unless such theft has occurred by way of housebreaking or burglary indicating entry or exit of the culprit by violence and force.
      3. Mysterious disappearance of the Equipment including Larceny, inventory loss etc.
      4. Theft occured whilst the Equipment is not in the custody of the original owner or its family members.

      Special Provision for making Payment to Repairer directly by the Insurance Company :-

      In partial loss claims where the Electronic Equipment can be repaired, the Surveyor will be deputed to assess the loss at Authorized Service Centre on the basis of Estimate of repairs / Job Sheet provided. Admissible Claim amount as per Net liability after depreciation, Excess and Salvage shall be agreed by signing Joint Satisfaction Discharge

      Voucher by the Owner and the Authorized Service Center. Authorized Service Center will collect difference and shall raise Final Invoice for Net Liability in Company's name as the claim amount will be paid directly to them. The Owner can take delivery of the repaired Equipment on making payment of difference amount between the Total Cost of

      Repairs and Net Accepted Liability by the Insurance Company.

      Additional Claim Documents required in Accidental Damage Total loss Claims : ( Where it is not economical to repair the equipment or the cost of repairs exceeds 75% of the Present Day New Replacement Value of that Equipment as on date of loss. )

      1) Damaged / Broken Equipment with IMEI number intact to be surrendered to the Facilitator.

      Terms & conditions


      Let us understand some terms used in this Policy Document -

      Definitions :-

      Insured Equipment :- It is the Electronic Portable Equipment like TAB, LAPTOP or CAMERA purchased by you from Reliance Retail Ltd which is subject matter of this insurance.

      OWNER / Insured Person: It's none other than YOU, the Owner of Insured Equipment as per Purchase Bill. The insurance Cover shall operate even if members of your family like Spouse, Dependent Children and Parents who usually resides with you and handles / uses the insured Electronic Equipment with your permission in the manner

      prescribed for, however Claim if any shall be paid to the Bank Account of Insured Person only.

      Facilitator/ Administrator : It means 'Warranty and Insurance Administration Services ( herein after referred to as 'W and I A Services')', 342, Third Floor, Vardhman Dee Cee Plaza, Sector-11, Plot No. 7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075, who are the Insurance Administrators of Portable Mobile Equipments / Products ie Tablets, Laptops & Cameras only

      on behalf of 'Reliance Retail Limited ( hereinafter referred to as 'RRL' )' and shall be solely responsible for performance of Insurance activity. All communications and Claims are required to be reported immediately to the Facilitator.

      rd th Period of Insurance : - It is the period commensing after 3 days of purchase of the electronic portable equipment or the period commensing from the 3 day, the Facilitator arranges this insurance, whichever is later and shall continue till expiry of 365 day from the date of purchase of the said equipment. So be very careful as the cover does not start

      and operate for first few days on purchase of the product. It is the time generally required for the Facilitator to collect data of your purchase from RRL and to arrange for the insurance cover.

      THEFT : Theft means taking dishonestly an insured article out of possession of the owner or authorized custodian of the said article without that person's consent in order to deceive and cause loss by deliberate action by a culprit who is not the family member or servant of that person. In order to constitute a claim of theft, the Owner needs to file

      First Information Report with nearest Police Station within 48 hours of the incidence u/s 379, 380 or 382 of Indian Penal Code. Subsequently Untrace Report is required if stolen equipment is not recovered by the Police.

      ACCIDENT DAMAGE : Physical Loss or Damage caused to the insured Electronic Equipment due to an unintentional accident during the Period of insurance by a sudden, external, violent, visible and forceable means which are out of control of the Owner. Water / fluid damages are covered only if sustained in above conditions.

      PERSONAL ACCIDENT : The policy is extended to cover the Owner for Accident Death caused by sudden, external, violent, visible and forceable means for a Sum Insured of Rs. 5000/-. This cover is available for individual Owners only and not for firms or Companies etc. and the same is governed by the terms and conditions of Personal Accident

      Policy of the Insurance Company which are available on portal of the Company.

      Insurance Company ( the Insurer ): means the General Insurance Company licensed by IRDA and selected by the RRL and / or Facilitator for insurance arrangements as per this document.

      Repairer : Authorized Service Centre of the Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment in India whose such Authorization is in force and not suspended or cancelled or disputed, in any manner whatsoever or any other person duly nominated by the Facilitator to carry out the repairs (only as a special case without any precedent & admission of liability

      where authorised repairer is not available).

      Territorial Limits : The cover under this policy shall be available throughout the Territorial limits of India only.

      Depreciation : Your Claim will be subjected to depreciation which shall be reckoned as on Date of Loss or Damage from the date of purchase and shall be deducted at the rates prescribed below :-

      1. A) Theft and Accidental Damage Claims :-
      2. Less than 1 month - 0% (NIL) (ie No Depreciation shall apply) ii. Above 1 month upto 6 months - 5% Depreciation shall apply iii. Above 6 months upto 12 months - 10% Depreciation shall apply
      3. B) Total Loss Claims due to Accident Damage : In the event of a physical damage claim to the electronic equipment where the equipment is totally damaged and cannot be repaired or where the cost of repairs exceeds 75% of the cost of the equipment, such claim is treated as Total Loss Claim and a flat depreciation of 50% shall be charged

      irrespective of age of the equipment. The Owner is required to surrender the Equipment to the Facilitator in “As is where is” condition with IMEI / Sr No.

      EXCESS: The insured shall first bear a small initial amount of each loss as prescribed hereunder and the claim in excess of it shall be admissible for reimbursement:-

      1) For claims up to Rs. 5000/- :: 5% of Claim Amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 400/- 2) For claims exceeding Rs. 5000/- :: 5% of Claim Amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 800/-

      Salvage : Flat 5% of claim amount shall be deducted on account of salvaged parts in respect of partial damage claims. No Salvage is visualized in Theft Claims while Salvaged equipment is required to be surrendered in Total Loss Claims of physical damages.


      1. The observance and fulfilment of these conditions of this Insurance by the Insured Person / Owner in so far as they relate to anything to be done or observed by the Insured Person / Owner, shall be a condition precedent to any liability hereunder.
      2. The Owner shall: (a) take all reasonable steps to prevent theft or loss or damage to the Equipment and shall - i) keep the Equipment in a proper working condition duly maintained and free from repairs; ii) use the Equipment only in accordance with Manufacturer's instructions, warranty conditions and maintenance recommendations. (b)

      Immediately notify incidence of theft or loss or damage, if any, to the Facilitator in writing or through email or any other recorded medium as soon as reasonably possible within 48 hours from the occurance of the theft. ( The Insurance Company may relax this time limit, in its sole descrition, depending on the merits of the case without any precedent &

      admission of liability. ) ( c ) Fulfil all the Claim requirements of physical damage claim and submit completed Claim Form and other supporting documents to the Facilitator as soon as reasonably possible and in any event not later than 30 days (The Insurance Company may relax this time limit in its sole descrition, depending on the merits of the case

      without any precedent & admission of liability.) ( d ) In the event of Theft, the Claim Form completed in all respects shall accompany Certified Copy of Police First Information Report ( FIR ) which must be lodged within 48 hours of incidence of theft and the Untrace Report issued the Police Authorities duly signed and stamped within 30 days from the

      date of the Untrace Report. (The Insurance Company may relax this time limit in its sole descrition, depending on the merits of the case without any precedent & admission of liability.) ( e ) Provide at the Owner's expense all details, clarification, explanation and documents concerning the claim that the Insurance Company may require to establish

      and confirm its liability under the policy in respect of the nature and cause of incidence of loss or damage or theft and extent of amount of the claim payable under the Policy.

      1. The Insurance Company may take such proceedings as it may deem fit in the name of the Owner to enforce rights of recovery and any other remedies against third parties, or obtain relief or indemnity from or such other parties to which the Insurer shall be or may become entitled or subrogated and the Owner shall at the request and expense

      do so and concur in doing so and permitted to be done such acts as may be reasonably required by them for that purpose to effect the said recovery to the extent of claim paid amount plus the expenses reasonably incurred to effect said recovery.

      1. If at the time of theft or damage to the Equipment, there shall be in force any other insurance covering the same Equipment, then the Insurance Company shall pay or contribute not more than the rateable proportion as the Sum Insured of policies bear to each other.
      2. Notwithstanding any thing contained herein to the contarary, the liability of the Insurer under this insurance during the Period of Insurance shall be subject to compliance of Section 64 VB of the Insurance Act ie payment of full premium by the Facilitator in advance.
      3. Any dispute regarding interpretation of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this Policy shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice of a Court of Competent Jurisdiction within the Pune City only.
      4. The coverage is personal to the Owner / Insured Person and is not transferable in any manner in case the insurable property has been sold out to other person/s or being used by persons other than owner, owners spouse and owners Dependent children and parents who normally resides with the Owner.
      5. In case of any SWAP of the product insured by the manufacturer within warranty or otherwise, the Owner is required to inform the Facilitator to update its records within 48 hours with relevant proof /supporting documents and obtain confirmation that the remaining cover has been shifted to the newly SWAPPED product by way of endorsement

      passed by the Insurer.

      1. The risk of Accidental Damage, Theft & Burglary will commence only after sale and delivery of the equipment to its Owner & not whilst in the custody of RRL.
      2. In the event of physical damage claim, the loss shall be assessed by independant IRDA Licensed Surveyor appointed by the nearest Office of the Insurance Company. (The Insurance Company may relax the condition of survey in its sole descrition, depending on the merits of the case without any precedent & admission of liability. )
    Manufacturing & Packing Information
      Customer care address
      Reliance Digital, Reliance Retail Limited, 3rd Floor, Court House, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai-400 002, Maharashtra, India.
      Customer care Phone
      Customer care email
      Country of origin
      Name and address of Packer
      Name and address of Manufacturer
      Name and address of Importer
      Name of Seller
      Reliance Retail Ltd.
      Month and Year of Commodity First Manufactured/Imported/Packed
      Commodity name
      Extended Warranty Service
      Item Width
      0 cm
      Item Height
      0 cm
      Item Length
      0 cm
      Net Quantity
      1 N
      Net Weight
      0 g
      Name and address of Marketed By

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