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Brew and Enjoy Your Own Cuppa at Home, Anytime You Want!

There’s nothing more refreshing than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee! While there are numerous coffee shops available these days, it's not always feasible to step out for coffee whenever you want to take a break. Wish you could enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere, and instantly? Then, a coffee maker might be the right solution to your problem. These machines usually run on electricity, are easy to use, and compact. Plus, they’re available in many types- like drip coffee maker, coffee percolator, cappuccino maker, filter coffee vending machines, etc. So, are you ready to brew to your own cuppa at any time of the day? Then, go ahead and choose from a wide selection of branded coffee-making machines from Reliance Digital, available at competitive prices.

Types of Coffee Machines

Before you look at the coffee maker price, it is essential to know the various types of machines available and their features, so that you can make the right choice.

  1. Filter Coffee Maker

-          Microfine permanent filter

-          Flexibility to choose the number of cups (some high-end brands make up to 10 cups)

-          Some of them come with a removable drip tray

-          Stylish, compact, and versatile functions


  1. Percolators

-          Best for strong, robust coffee like espresso or South Indian style filter coffee

-          Makes 2-6 cups

-          Made from the finest quality stainless steel

-          Easier to store/handle than coffee makers


  1. Cappuccino Maker

-          Best for smoother, frothier coffees like latte, cold coffee, or cappuccino

-          More premium in terms of design, functionality, and pricing

-          Compatible with different coffee capsule pods


Choosing As Per Coffee-making Machine Price

  1. Coffee Makers Below 2000

-          These machines have a vending capacity of four to six cups.

-          Some of them feature a water-level indicator, specially designed filter, and a brew basket

-          They are shock-proof and rust-resistant


  1. Coffee Makers Between 2000 to 5000

-          These machines have a vending capacity of up to six cups.

-          Precise, fast, and accurate temperature and consistency

-          Multiple features like Strength selector, Turbo steam nozzle, a Steam power selector, and heat resistant carafe

-          Compact, versatile


  1. Coffee Makers Above 5000

-          You can pair it with your phone for a personalized cup of coffee

-          Enjoy a wide range of coffees – hot, cold, black, white

-          Less energy consumption, multiple levels of pressurized steam

-          Get coffee at the touch of a button, within 30-60 seconds


Buy Coffee Makers As Per Brand

Here are some of the most renowned and preferred coffee maker brands and their specifications:

Philips Coffee Maker

-          Ease of cleaning, maintenance, and dishwasher-safe parts

-          Detachable filter holder and drip-stop

-          Drip stop to interrupt coffee brewing whenever you like

-          Aroma twister circulates the coffee for an optimal taste

-          LED power switch lights up when the coffee maker is switched

-          Compact design perfect for 2-7 cups


Wonderchef Coffee Maker

-          Get two cups of finely brewed coffee with one fill

-          Compact size - makes it easy to store and carry

-          Auto on-off function with LED light

-          Overheat protection by a thermostat and Thermal fuse



-          Makes steaming hot coffee in a jiffy with a fine decoction in less than 10 minutes

-          The concealed heating element brews the coffee faster, while the microfine filter ensures clear decoction

-          The body of this coffee maker is made from high-quality heat-resistant plastic for durability

-          It comes with safety features like accurate temperature control and heat-sensitive thermal fuse

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Machine

While the coffee machine cost is surely an important thing to consider, here are some more points that can help make your purchase easier:

  1. Capacity: Depending on your family consumption pattern and size
  2. Type of coffee machine- drip coffee, espresso, percolator, French Press, etc.
  3. The brewing temperature
  4. How easy is it to handle and maintain
  5. Type of carafe you want
  6. The special features

Compare between various brands, features, and coffee-making machine prices, all under one roof- Reliance Digital. Enhance your coffee experience.

Coffee Makers & Grinders Price List

S.noProducts - Coffee Makers & GrindersPrice
1Havells 0.7 Litres Drip Coffee Maker2,599.00
2Morphy Richards Coffee Maker Primero 720ml 750W Maron2,540.00
Coffee Makers & Grinders Price List updated on 25-04-2024