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 Cloth Dryers - A Necessity of Every Home

An automatic cloth dryer machine has become a necessity in most modern homes alongside a washing machine. Not only does it save you both time and effort, but it also a great relief from the hassle of air-drying clothes, especially during weather-restraint months. With a cloth dryer machine at home, you can now enjoy the ease and comfort of washing, drying, and instantly storing freshly clean clothes in the cupboard.


Benefits of Clothes Dryer

One of the biggest nightmares is trying to get ready on time only to find that the clothes you need are still wet. Luckily, the problem is solved if you have a cloth dryer machine on hand. Just pop the damp clothes in and voila, super easy and effective. In addition to that, a drying machine makes it easy to iron clothes immediately, which remain creaseless and free of wrinkles.


Cloth Dryer - Drying Programmes

Most clothes and fabrics lose their shape and texture because of the way we dry them. The benefit of using a cloth dryer is that you can program your drying technique, such as the heat intensity or drying time, based on the fabric type or how wet or damp your clothes are. This ensures that the original form of your clothing remains unaffected by the drying and you can freshly fragrant, crease-free clothes every day.


Drum Volume of Cloth Dryer

Another advantage of using a cloth dryer machine is that you can dry a huge stack of clothes hassle-free in just one attempt. This is thanks to the bigger drum sizes available in dryer machines these days, often going up to carrying a volume of 8 to 10 kgs of clothes. This reduces the effort and time taken to run your laundry, again and again, also giving it more room to dry faster and creaseless.


Cloth Dryer Provides Hygienic Drying

If you dry your clothes out in the open, chances are the damp clothes would be nothing less than a breeding ground for germs, since they would have picked up germs, pollution, and foul odor, especially during monsoons. The gain in using a cloth dryer machine is that regardless of the weather conditions outside, your clothes will always remain soft, fragrant, and clean.


Allergy-Free Clothes with Clothes Dryer

A cloth dryer machine will also ensure that your clothes are always free from lint or hair, preventing you from any sort of allergies or sensitivity.


Best Brands to choose for a Cloth Dryer


IFB Cloth Dryer:

The IFB Maxi Dry is an automatic cloth dryer with a stainless steel drum capacity of 5.5 kg and 6 wash care program sets.


Siemens Cloth Dryer:

The Siemens Front Loading Fully Automatic Dryer comes with a stainless steel drum capacity of 8 kg with a textile care structure and an anti-vibration design.


Bosch Cloth Dryer:

Bosch Series 4 Front Loading Tumble Dryer features a drum capacity of 7 kg along with duo-Tronic sensors, which monitor moisture levels to avoid overheating.


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