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Air Purifiers - No More Unhealthy Air

Dust and pollution have become a part of our daily lives these days. Owing to the increasing number of vehicles and appliances, it’s getting increasingly difficult to enjoy pure air around us. This toxic air further leads to serious health complications. Which is why, it’s become crucial to own an air purifier that circulates cleaner, healthier air in our homes.

Room air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of special filters that remove harmful airborne particles and other pollutants, and then circulate the purified air back into the room. They are especially helpful if any of your family members is prone to allergy or asthma.

Humidifier vs Portable air purifier

The best air purifiers are designed to clear the air of allergens, dust, pollen, fine particles, pet dander, reduce mold, or control odours and smoke. Since they are handy and portable, you can move them around your rooms, so as to get rid of these pollutants from every corner of your home.

Humidifiers, on the other hand, work solely to control the humidity level in a room. Humidifiers work by releasing water into the air and increasing the humidity level or a room. This can be beneficial for children who have congestion or can be used during cold winter months when our skin can suffer from the lack of moisture in the air.

Budget-friendly air purifiers

At Reliance Digital, you can surf for a wide range of air purifiers online at your ideal budget. The site gives you the flexibility to set your own air purifier price range.

a.       Air purifiers under Rs. 5,000

These come with antibacterial coating which kills all the bacteria from the air. Inbuilt ionizer improves the freshness of the air and keeps air in your home fresh at all the times.

b.      Air Purifiers under Rs. 10,000

Suitable for medium size rooms, they come with a host of features like Deodorization Filter, HEPA, Ionizer, Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon, etc.

c.       Air Purifiers under Rs. 20,000

They cover an area of more than 500 sq. ft. Ergonomically designed, they include features like multi-stage filter process, app-activated modes, intelligent memory, and more.

Top brands in air purifiers

Here are some of the best home air purifier brands online that you can check out:

       1.       Bluestar Air Purifie

              Its key features include:

  • Microbe Sterilize Technology to de-activate microorganisms
  • SensAirTM Technology to intelligently auto sense, detect and purify basis air quality and odour
  • Advanced 7-stage multi-purification system
  • Touch User Interface with wireless remote control 

2.       Panasonic Air Purifier

Its key features include:

  •  Nanoe purification
  •  3D Circulation Airflow
  • Composite filter & deodorizing filter Ergonomic Design
  • Sleep Mode (8 Hours)

       3.       Philips Air Purifier

       Its key features include:

• VitaShield IPS Technology

• AeraSense Technology

• Special Allergen mode

• Sensor Touch UI

• NanoProtect HEPA and AC Filter


        4.       Samsung Air Purifier

Its key features include:

  •   4-step filtration system to eliminate ultrafine dust & harmful gases
  •   S-plasma ion technology to destroy viruses and bacteria
  •  Air purity display
  •  Space-efficient and easy to maintain

       5.       Aeroguard Air Purifier

Its key features include:

  •   Anti-Dust Filter
  •   Lung Filter, UHD HEPA Filter, Swine Flu Resistant H1N1 Filter
  •    Unique Safety Controls: Ultra Silent Sleep mode, Child Lock, Auto Mode and Timer Mode

You can also check out other brands, their features and room air purifier prices on Reliance Digital.

Why is it a must to have an air-purifier?

The cleanest environment, room, or air can still be filled with invisible particles and dirt that could be detrimental to your and your loved ones’ health. Everyday cleaning alone cannot get rid of these toxic elements around us that stop us from breathing in pure, fresh air. It’s vital to have an air purifier in every home or office, so that we can beat the harmful effects of pollution and dust.

Simply log on to Reliance Digital and buy air purifiers online. 

Air Purifiers Price List

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