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2 Year: resQ Care Plan (RCP) Extended Warranty
Key Features
  • Covers Screen sensitivity, circuit board & more
  • Zero Service Cost
  • 365 days support
Finance Schemes
    No finance schemes available for this product
  • Warranty: 2 Years manufacturer warranty
  • ₹3,315
  • Description
  • Specifications
Description not available


General Information

  • Defects arising due to product misuse by customer
  • Product body damage / physical damage or damage through rust
  • Consumables which are not mentioned
  • Product re-installation
  • Product malfunction due to unauthorized service
  • Product Serial number tempered or removed
  • Does not cover aesthetic defects, if it doesn’t affect the functionality of the product
  • Loss of data in device and memory card
  • Accessories: Battery, charger, adaptor, Headphone, mouse, mousepad, pen/stick, e-readers, USB cables
  • Plastic & Metal parts: Front and back cabinet, body cover
  • Brand : Apple & Kindle
  • Accidental damage excludes total damage/fault noticed on product/ screen.
  • Damage arising out of India
  • Wear and tear, gradual deterioration or rust
  • Gradually developing defects, cracks, flaws or fractures
  • Damage to the phone while on loan on 3rd party
  • Validity
    Upto 2 year(s) post manufacturer’s warranty
    Additional Benefits
    5 free coupons worth Rs 1350/- approx.
    Service Location
    Carry-In Service at resQ Service Centre
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