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TCL 1.5 Ton 3 Star Elite Series-Smart Air TAC-18CSD/V3S Split AC
Key Features
  • Smart Connectivity
  • 30 Sec Fast Cooling
  • AI Ultra-Inverter Technology
  • 60°C High Ambient Cooling
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  • Warranty: 3 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Deal Price: ₹29,990
  • Offer Price: ₹30990
  • MRP: 46990 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 36%(₹17,000)
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You're looking at the TCL TAC-18CSD/V3S Split AC AI Ultra-Inverter AC. This 1-ton air conditioner is recommended for a room size of up to 160 square feet. This air conditioner is integrated with Ultra-Inverter Compressor that reduces the temperature up to 18-degree Celsius in 30 seconds. This air conditioner is integrated with high-efficiency inverter compressor and high-quality copper condenser coil. The Golden hydrophilic fins coated on the durable copper condenser coil, protects it from water, dust and other particles which improves the air conditioner's cooling performance. Its easy-to-use LCD remote displays the temperature, time and other functions. It also offers different modes- sleep mode, auto mode and mute mode. In sleep mode, the air conditioner runs at a lower capacity maintaining a narrow temperature buffer and makes the room temperature comfortable, ensuring you have a pleasant and undisturbed sleep. In the Auto mode, the AC automatically selects the suitable temperature according to the room temperature. In the mute mode, the AC operates and cools the room in silence. This AC comes with the 'I Feel' technology that is designed for your comfort, especially in a large sitting area. This advance feature incorporates two temperature sensors, one on the indoor unit as well as on the remote. So, for instance; if you're sitting in a large room, you may enable this feature on the remote, which will automatically sense the temperature around you and adjust the AC temperature accordingly for your comfort. Equipped with horizontal and vertical louvres, this air conditioner ensures four-way airflow with uniform cooling experience. It provides efficient cooling even when the ambient temperature reaches 60-degree Celsius. That's not all; just download the TCL home app from Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device and control this smart AC with Google Assistant by saying, ''Ok Google, switch on the air conditioner.'' This TCL air conditioner comes with R32 refrigerant which is eco-friendly, CFC and HFC free.


General Information
    Elite Series-Smart Air
    Split AC Style
    Air Conditioner Type
AC Operations
    ISEER Value
    Condenser Coil
    1.5 Ton
    Auto Air Swing
Split AC Operations
    DC Inverter Technology
    Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
    BTU Performance
    19280 BTU/hr
    Air Direction
    4 Way
    Rated Amperes
    COP (Watts/Watts)
    Filter Types
    Dust Filter
    Max. Air Circulation
    900 CFM
    Noise level
    32 dB
    Speed Settings
    Turbo, Medium, High , Low, Auto
    Dust Filter
    Stabilizer Free Operation
AC Connectivity
Split AC Dimensions
    Depth (Main Unit)
    20.6 cms
    Width Outdoor Unit
    81.7 cms
    Width Main Unit
    91 cms
    Depth (Outdoor Unit)
    32.8 cms
    Height (Main Unit)
    29.4 cms
    Weight (Outdoor Unit)
    32000 grams
    Height (Outdoor Unit)
    55.3 cms
    Weight (Main Unit)
    9000 grams
Certificates & Ratings
    BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer
    Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
    BEE STAR Rating
    3 Star
Additional Features
  • 110-160 Sq. Ft Approx. Room Size
  • 220-240V Voltage
In The Box & Warranty
    In The Box
    Remote, Connecting Pipes, User Manual
    3 Years


  • Why Should I Buy TCL AC?
    Because it has the advanced features at a very affordable price such as Smart Connectivity, Upto 50%* energy saving, 60 degree high ambient cooling Titan Gold Condenser and Evaporator and Silver Ion Filter etc

  • What the stars indicate?
    It indicates the energy efficiency of your AC.More Stars means more efficient it is.

  • Can we operate the AC without the AC remote?
    Yes, the Smart Air and iECO Air have Smart Connectivity were you can operate the AC though Same Brand android TV or by using the TCL Home App.

  • TCL ACs have 3 star/4star /5 star Acs?
    TCL Acs have 3 Star and 5 Star AC.

  • Does it have temperature display?
    Yes, it has a digital temperature display

  • Does it have a remote and Indoor Bracket along with the Unit.
    Yes it has Remote and the Indoor brackets along with the Unit.

  • What is the guarantee period on compressor?
    TCL provides 10 years warranty on Compressors

  • Can I get this installed by a local Mechanic?
    No, All the warranty on the product will be covered if it is installed by only by our TCL service professional

  • It has 2 way or 4 way air flow?
    It has 4 way air flow which provides uniform cooling at a faster pace compared to 2 way air flow

  • Indoor coil is of copper or aluminium?
    copper coil in both indoor and outdoor unit which increases the durability of the AC

  • What is the minimum temperature?
    16 degree centigrade

  • What is the refrigerant used…?? Is it R32 ?
    Yes, it is R-32 which is eco-friendly with 0 Ozone Depletion Potential

  • Is its noise level of 56 db quite higher , little higher or moderately higher than the a.c with 46 db
    Our AC has mute mode in which noise level goes down to 30 db which very less and provides you calm environment.

  • This is inverter ac.Will it need stabilizer?
    No , it doesn't need stablilizer if your voltage is between 165-265 V. In areas where there is very high voltage fluctuation we suggest you to buy a Stabilizer.

  • Does the remote control has backlight for night viewing?
    Yes , it has backlight viewing increases the visibity in night.

  • What is the max noise level of this product
    Maximum noise level in 48 db and in mute mode minimum noise is 30 dB

  • Is having auto clean option?
    No , it doesn't have auto clean option.

  • It is copper condenser or not?
    Yes , it has a copper condenser which increases heat transfer efficiency and durability.

  • Does it have wi-fi option?
    Yes, The Smart Air and iECO model are wifi-enabled and works with Smart Connectivity.

  • What is the energy consumption per night?
    It has a Sleep Mode where the AC runs at very low frequency reducing the power consumption

  • what is the warranty on condenser?
    We have a comprehensive 3 year warranty on the product except for TURBO model which cover the condenser also.

  • Please send me the connecting pipe length
    3 meter is the pipe size we provide along with machine

  • Is room temperature is visible on indoor unit? And what size of room area a 1.5 ton ac cover?
    Yes , we have digital temperature display which shows the room temperature . It can cover 140 -160 sq ft of room size

  • Minimum temperature is 18 or 16 degree?
    16 degree is the minimum temperature

  • Where i get warranty card for the item?
    It will be available with the product

  • It's Outdoor Unit with stand or without stand?
    Outdoor Unit doesn't have stand , you need to buy if you want a stand for the outdoor unit.

  • Does this include wall clamp for outer unit
    No it does not have wall clamp for outer unit, You need to buy this additional

  • How many months guarantee on electronic parts?
    PCB, which is the major electronic component has 3 year warranty

  • EMI?
    Yes , we do have EMI option available for every model

  • Does it have a heating function?
    No, it doesnot have heating function

  • Maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit?
    60 ft

  • Is there any exchange Offer?
    We do run occasional exchange offers. However do not expect them everytime.

  • Maximum time to cool a room
    Depends on size of the room, the tonnage of AC choosen and Outside temperature.

  • What is the maximum time required to cool a room
    Depends on size of the room and Outside temperature.

  • What is the maximum ambient temperature till which your AC can provide cooling
    This AC can provide efficient cooling even when the ambient temperature is 60 degree C .