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Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler
Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler
Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler
Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler
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Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler(491297007)

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Key Features
  • Honeycomb cooling media, digital touch screen
  • 205 W power consumption, Voice assistance
  • Mosquito repellent, fully closable louvers
  • Large 110 L capacity water tank
Return Policy
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  • All accessories, product & packaging need to be returned in original condition.
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Overview Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler

Are you looking for an air cooler that is loaded with new-age features? Then the Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler is for you. With a large tank capacity of 110-litres, this cooler is suitable for regions with a dry climatic condition and is ideal for cooling medium to large size rooms. This air cooler can be used in homes, offices, restaurants and shops. Due to its compact structure, this Symphony air cooler occupies minimal space and can easily fit in any corner of the room. Thanks to the castor wheels at the bottom of this cooler, it can easily be moved around to clean the space and to relocate from one room to another. This cooler comes with a voice assistant feature that guides you while operating the cooler. It is integrated with i-Pure technology that helps cleans a spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms, ensuring only clean and healthy air gets circulated. This cooler has six high efficient removable Aspen cooling pads that provide superior cooling and can be washed periodically. Though this portable cooler consumes low power, it delivers powerful air throw at an exceptionally high rate of 142 cubic meters per hour. This cooler offers two cooling modes- natural and sleep mode. This cooler's unique mosquito repellent feature keeps the mosquitoes at bay by using ultrasound wave radiation and helps in maintaining the cooler’s cleanliness. This cooler is designed with collapsible horizontal and vertical louvres that covers a wide area and provide efficient cooling within minutes. When not in use, simply pull the louvres down to prevent dust, insects from entering the air cooler. The humidity control feature in this cooler absorbs excess moisture during rains and in humid weather, thereby keeping the place free from moisture. This cooler features a user-friendly touchscreen digital control panel with speed control options along with other sets of functions. It also has an in-built remote dock that lets you control the cooler even from a distance. So even in the middle of the night, you can change the speed and set a timer of this cooler without getting up from the bed, just press the buttons on the remote and you're done. The water level indicator in this air cooler helps you determine the water level in the tank. When the tank gets empty, the empty water tank alarm blinks until the water is refilled in the tank through the water inlet. If there is a power cut, you need not worry about resetting the speed of the cooler as it has a system restore function that remembers and restores the previous settings and provides cool air after power resumes. The Dura-pump technology in this cooler protects the fan motor and the pump motor from overheating and damage. The SMPS technology safeguards the cooler from voltage fluctuations.

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Description Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler


For rooms up to 35 m²

4 side cooling pads

Large 110 L tank capacity

Consumes 205 watts only

Digital touchscreen with voice assist

i-Pure technology

Cool flow dispenser

Full function remote with 7 timer

* This Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler video is for illustration purpose only.

Specifications (Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler)

General Information
    Touch 110
    Air Cooler Type
AC Operations
Air Cooler Operations
    Filter Types
    Smell Filter, Bacterial Filter, Allergy Filter, PM2.5 Wash Filter
    Cooling Area
    142 m³
    Water Tank Capacity
    110 litres
    Speed Settings
    Control Type
    Power Consumption
    205 Watt
Cooler Efficiency
    Ice Chamber
Convenience Features
    Water Level Indicator
    Auto Louver Movement
    Low Water Alarm
    Suitable For
    35 m^2
Air Cooler Dimensions
Additional Features
  • Hybrid cooling pads
  • Full Function Remote with 7-hour timer
  • Aspen Cooling Media
In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year
Manufacturing & Packing Information
    Customer care address
    Reliance Digital, Reliance Retail Limited, 3rd Floor, Court House, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai-400 002, Maharashtra, India.
    Customer care Phone
    Customer care email
    Country of origin
    Name and address of Packer
    Symphony Limited - FP12-TP50, opp : Symphony Forest Park, Bodakdev, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad-380059
    Name and address of Manufacturer
    Symphony Limited - FP12-TP50, opp : Symphony Forest Park, Bodakdev, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad-380059
    Name and address of Importer
    Symphony Limited - FP12-TP50, opp : Symphony Forest Park, Bodakdev, Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad-380059
    Name of Seller
    Reliance Retail Ltd.
    Month and Year of Commodity First Manufactured/Imported/Packed
    January' 2017
    Commodity name
    Air cooler Desert_PC
    Item Width
    43 cm
    Item Height
    123.5 cm
    Item Length
    76.3 cm
    Net Quantity
    Net Weight
    25700 gram
    Name and address of Marketed By
    Symphony Limited - FP12-TP50, opp : Symphony Forest Park, Bodakdev, Off SG Highway,Ahmedabad-380059

FAQs (Symphony Touch 110 Personal Air Cooler)

An evaporative air cooler works by introducing moisture into the air and lowering its temperature. The air cooler takes in dry air, moistens it with water vapour, and releases cooled air into the room. This form of cooling is cheaper and more energy-efficient than traditional refrigeration techniques.
Air cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling technology available. Operating costs for an air cooler are 1/10th of a traditional air conditioner. A 2.2-ton split air conditioning unit can consume 2200 watts an hour. A Symphony air cooler consumes nearly the same amount of energy as a standard ceiling fan. Symphony air cooling units require energy in the range of 105 watts/hr to 255 watts/hr.Although the energy consumption of a ceiling fan and air cooler is similar, the cooling effect is considerably different. Air coolers can cover a larger area, actually cool the air, and work noiselessly.
Symphony air coolers use innovative Honeycomb and Aspen cooling pads. Honeycomb pads have a unique lattice structure that resembles a honeycomb. This medium provides a superior cooling effect due to the increased surface area for transfer of humidity in passing air. Aspen cooling pads are made from shredded aspen wood fibers that are held together in a pad structure. Aspen is a completely natural material that provides 75% cooling efficiency.Both Aspen and Honeycomb cooling pads are completely natural and highly cost-effective.
Symphony coolers come with i-Pure, a multistage filtration system that cleans a spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms. The cool air passes through several filters before it is released into the room. These filters can cleanse the air and water to provide a healthier indoor environment. Dust, microscopic pollution particles, bacteria, odors, and allergens are all filtered by this innovative system.
Yes. All Symphony air coolers work on inverters. Ensure that your inverter is appropriately rated for a sine wave. Sine wave is the standard type of electricity supplied by all utility companies. All air coolers and most inverters are designed to work on this standard.

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