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Samsung 810 litres French Door Refrigerator, Black Stainless RF28N9780SG/TL
Key Features
  • Metal Cooling Panel
  • Power Cool & Power Freeze
  • Family Hub
  • Water Dispenser
Finance Schemes
    No finance schemes available for this product
  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Deal Price: ₹273,700
  • Offer Price: ₹286990
  • MRP: 350000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 22%(₹76,300)
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  • Description
  • Specifications
You’re looking at the Samsung RF28N9780SG/TL French door refrigerator. Measuring 87.1 cm in depth, 90.8 cm in width and 182.5 cm in height, this 810-litre refrigerator is suitable for a family of 6 or more members, and can be placed in the kitchen or the dining area. This refrigerator comes with a fridge compartment on the top and a freezer compartment. The freezer compartment comes with easy-slide drawers that are built on rolling hinges so that, you can efficiently organize and store dry food items and meat products. The freezer door bins allow you to store frozen food items, ice-cream tubs, pack of cheese, frozen yoghurt etc. The fridge compartment has a compact ice maker that form ice quickly in less space. The EZ fresh vegetable and fruit drawers in the fridge compartment offer ample space to store a large number of vegetables and fruits, ensuring they stay fresh. The bottle guard has a lot of depth, which offers you space to store tall bottles of water, juice, milk cartons etc. It also comes with a wine rack that lets you store and chill the wine bottles. The multi-purpose guard on the side of the refrigerator allows you to store food and non-food items like; health care cosmetic products, medicines etc. If your refrigerator runs out of storage space, the Quick space shelf sorts it all for you. This two pieces tempered glass shelf is designed with a special tracking system, which allows the front side glide back, thereby making sufficient storage space. However, if you need more storage space, the Cool select+ (Flex Zone) feature transforms the freezer to fridge with a touch. Its power cool and power freeze mode speeds up the cooling or freezing process to chill large quantity of food. This refrigerator comprises of Triple and Metal cooling system that optimizes cooling and prevents mixing of odour. This refrigerator comes with a touch-sensitive built-in home screen and fridge manager widget that graphically represents the running condition of the refrigerator and lets you change the temperature according to your requirements. You can enable the Samsung Hub feature by first installing it on your Android or iOS devices. This app is compatible with versions 4.4 and above in Android and 8.0 and above in iOS. After installing and registering, you can then share messages, calendars, memos, create shopping and to-do-list etc. it also comes with Bixby voice assistant for hands-free navigation which means, you can make calls or add items to your shopping list with a voice command. Along with this, it also has a water and ice dispenser that dispenses chilled water, ice cubes and crushed ice without the need for opening the fridge. You simply need to place the glass below the water lever or ice lever and gently push the lever to dispense chilled water, ice cubes or crushed ice in a jiffy.

Manage food easily
Manage your food more effectively and reduce waste. You can save money and eat fresher food. See inside using the screen or a smartphone and add items to a shopping list with a touch or voice command. It even provides recipes suggestions.

View inside anywhere
Look in your fridge without opening the door. The ViewInside feature’s 3 internal cameras let you see inside using the screen or a smartphone. The food expiration date is automatically tagged. You can add items to a shopping list or include reminders. And when shopping you can check what you have.

Shop efficiently
Plan meals and create a list of items you need with the Shopping List App. Simply use the screen to add items to your shopping list. If a recipe is recommended, any missing ingredients can be added with a touch or voice command. And if you sync the list to your phone you can check it in the store.

Optimized meals
Cook food that your family loves. The Meal Planner App gives you inspiring recipes, based on your preferences and the food in the fridge.It is also integrated with your Family Calendar, so you can prepare a meal plan and a weekly shopping list – so you save time and waste less.

All Recipes Food
Easily find tasty and practical recipes with the Recipe App (Powered by AllRecipes).Search various recipes or get suggestions based on your food preferences.

Get closer to family
Take care of family members and bond closely with them. You can share memos, tasks, instructions, activity lists and photos.You can also share and check family schedules and stay up-to-date with useful daily information or trivia.

Always stay informed
The Morning Brief automatically displays useful daily information on the screen. It shows weather and schedule, any time you choose or when you open the door. Or you can activate it using Bixby voice recognition. It will identify who’s talkin to it and provide an information relevant to you.

Never forget events
Make sure that you never miss a family event. The Event Calendar lets you check the schedules of family members at a glance.You can update entries on the fridge or from a smartphone and synch the schedules with Google and Microsoft 360 calendars.So you will never forget important dates!

Easily stay in touch
Enjoy a really fun and effective way to communicate with your family. Using the Memo, To-do and Gallery Appsyou can share memos, task lists, instructions, activity schedules and photos. As soon as anyone steps closeto the fridge the home screen turns on, so they can see what you’ve put.

Non-stop entertainment
Enjoy seamless entertainment in the kitchen. Stream music or listen to radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows.You can also watch your favorite TV programs or mobile content on the Family Hub screen. And the high quality, built-in speaker will fill the kitchen with pure studio sound.

Non-stop music
Enhance your cooking pleasure and entertain people gathered at a dinner party. Stream non-stop entertainment in your kitchen with access to 100,000+ radio stations, news, podcasts and comedy shows on TuneIn.

Watch TV and cook
Watch all of your favorite TV programs or mobile content while you are cooking. It can display whatever is showing on any Samsung Smart TV or mobile phonein your home on the Family Hub’s screen. Simply open the App on the Family Hub’s screen and choose the TV or smart device you want mirrored.

High quality speaker
Enrich the entertainment in your kitchen with a superior quality sound. The built-in AKG Premium Quality Speaker will fill your kitchenwith pure studio sound that’s deep in bass and rich in mid-range. So you can enjoy music, radio and TV without installing additional speakers.

Take advantage of Family Hub’s intelligent voice assistant when your hands are full,or you’re craving cooking inspiration. Tell Bixby what you need and get better control of your home(English Only).

Keeps food fresher
Keep different foods deliciously fresh in the FlexZone. This independently controlled fridge drawer provides an extremely flexible storage space.With just one touch it can be converted to five pre-set temperature settings. These are ideal for wine, cheese, cold drinks and chilled food or meats.

Revolutionary triple cooling
A Triple Cooling System independently controls and optimizes the temperature, maximizes humidity and prevents odors mixing in 3 compartments.A Metal Cooling plate also helps keep the air cool to maintain freshness.

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General Information
    Total Capacity
    810 litres
    Refrigerator Style
    French Door Refrigerator
Refrigerator Operations
    Refrigerator Capacity
    467 litres
    Water Dispenser
    Refrigerator - Interior Lamp
    Refrigerator Shelf Type
    Tempered Glass
    Vegetable & Fruit Drawer
    Humidity Controller
Freezer Related
    Freezer Capacity
    343 litres
Physical Dimensions
    87.1 cms
    Black Stainless
    168000 grams
    182.5 cms
    90.8 cms
Additional Features
  • Humidity Control (Fridge)
  • Door Alarm
  • Refrigerant - R-600a
  • Full HD LCD Display
In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year