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*Note: Some images are for illustration. Not all accessories shown are part of the product.
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resQ Installation Service
Key Features
  • Standard Installation of Window AC
  • Demonstration of the product
  • MRP: ₹500
  • Description

Unpack the Window AC & Allied Accessories

We will unbox all the contents of the packaging, including the AC Unit, Outer Cabinet, Front Grill, Filters etc.

Install the Window AC

We will fix the outer cabinet in the place that is available, following which we will place the AC unit in the cabinet. We will then fix the front grill & filters to complete installation.

Connect the Power Supply

We will fix the power cable as per your requirement to the nearest power plug.

Give you a demonstration

Before we leave, we will switch on & run the AC for at least ten minutes. We’ll run you through the key features of the product and how to use it. You can see if everything’s running fine and ask questions about the product or related to warranty, care & maintenance, various do’s & don’ts.