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Pureit 8 litres RO + UV with Oxytube Water Purifier, Ultima
Key Features
  • Designed using Food safe,non-toxic,engineering-grade plastics
  • 8 Litres Water Storage capacity
  • 6 Stage purifying technology
  • Filter Change Alarm
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  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Offer Price: ₹19,868
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  • You Save: 25%(₹6,622)
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You’re looking at the Pureit Ultima RO+UV with Oxytube water purifier. This 8-litre storage water purifier is suitable for a family of 5 or more members, and can be placed on the counter or can be wall-mounted near the kitchen sink. This purifier’s 6 stage purification process eradicates impurities from water making it safe for consumption. The Mineral Cartridge adds back essential minerals into the water that improves the immune system. Gently press the lever to dispense a steady flow of water from the nozzle into a glass, container or bottle in no time. This RO+UV water purifier not only purifies water but also cleans fruits and vegetables. Just push open the Oxytube door to remove the diffusor, unwind the tube and place it in the centre of the bowl filled with water. Put the fruits and vegetables in the bowl and press the Oxytube button for the ozone bubbles to effectively wash out the pesticides. This purifier's Advance Alert System alerts you to replace the filter 15 days before it expires, and in case of a delay in replacing the filter, the Auto-shut off mode automatically shuts off the purifier until it’s replaced.

Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard: This protects your purifier from sudden voltage fluctuation as high as 300 volts and also works in low voltages of 150 VAC.

Removes Chemicals and Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables: Pureit RO + UV with OxyTube uses OxyBlast technology to remove chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Unique Intelligent Indicator: Alerts you 15 days# before life of the Germkill Kit gets over.

100% RO and UV: 100% water passes through RO and UV to give you completely safe water always

TDS Modulator: A TDS Modulator that adds minerals post-purification and enhances the taste of water

RO Protection Lock: RO Protection Lock that automatically stops the flow of water when Germkill kit expires

Guided Alert System: Guided Alert system that intelligently alerts you in case of specific electrical faults

6 Stage Purification: Advanced 6 stage purification through RO technology

TDS Removal upto 2000 PPM: Turns hard water upto 2000 ppm into soft and sweet water

8 Litres Water Storage: Ensures that you never run out of safe water

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General Information
    Water Purifier Type
    Storage type
Purifier Technology
    Power Supply
    AC 150 V - 240 V
    Filter Change Alarm
    Storage Tank Capacity
    8 litres
    Total Dissolved Solids
    2002 ppm
    Total Hardness
    500.57 ppm
    Purifying Technology
    RO + UV
Purifier Dimensions
    38 cms
    28.5 cms
    49 cms
    Outer Material
    Food safe, non-toxic, engineering-grade plastics
    10000 grams
  • 6 Stage purifying technology - PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV reactor and post-RO carbon filter
  • Membrane type - Thin film composite spiral wound
  • Power Rating - 55 Watts
  • Pressure rating - 5-30 PSI
  • Length of Power Adapter - 1.5 metres
In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year
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