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Philips SHL3210BK/00 Wired Headphone, Black
Key Features
  • Deep bass, defined sound with DJ monitoring style
  • Convenient and durable, Comfortable for long use
  • Compact foldable design, Durable cable
  • 2200mW high power handling, 40mm neodymium drivers
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  • Warranty: 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Offer Price: ₹899
  • M.R.P 1999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 55%(₹1,100)
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  • Description
  • Specifications

Philips SHL3210BK/00 Wired Headphone delivers performance for discerning DJs. And 40mm neodymium drivers offer dynamic bass.

High impact bass, crisp highs
with DJ monitoring style

The SHL3210 delivers performance for discerning DJs. 40mm neodymium drivers offer dynamic bass, while changeable earshells rotate 165 Degree for easy monitoring. Equipped for 2000mW power, the headphones yield no distortion even at high volumes.

The perfect listening experience

  • Hear whats going on and listen to your DJ style headphone
  • 2000mW high power handling:no distortion even at high volume
  • 40mm neodymium speaker drivers for high impact bass
  • Closed-back system blocks out ambient noise
  • Comfortable for long use

  • Adjustable earshells and headband fits the shape of any head
  • Wide, lightweight headband with EVA foam for comfortable fit
  • Soft 85mm diameter cushions for extended comfort
  • Convenient and durable

  • 1.2m cable for freedom of music enjoyment on the go
  • Changeable earshell caps for customization to your taste
  • Tested with 8,000 cable bends for assured durability
  • Earpieces swivel 165Degree for monitoring and added flexibility
  • Flat foldable for easy storage on the go
  • Highlights

    DJ monitoring style

    It is a reversible ear-shell for listening with one ear

    Adjustable earshells headband

    Adjustable earshells and headband fits the shape of any head

    1.2m cable

    A 1.2m long cable lets budding DJs bring their set outdoors. Now you can mix tracks and hold parties wherever you want.

    Durable cable

    Engineered for robustness and performance, these headphones promise sound experiences that wouldnt let you down. Cable systems are developed to withstand strong tugging and repeated bending - stresses beyond those encountered in daily use. To ensure this, all cable designs undergo a rigorous test of 8,000 bends.

    Earpieces swivel 165 Degree

    Designed with the professional DJ in mind, the earpieces on these headphones can each rotate 165 Degree - for convenient one-ear listening while track mixing. The swivel can also be put to good use even in more casual listening, when temporary attention has to be paid to outside sounds.

    Flat foldable design

    Made to give you the best experience on the go, the DJ monitoring style headphones can be folded away for perfect portability and easy storage. Clever design and careful selection of components, like the well-built hinges, allow the headphone parts to be maneuvered with ease. The SHL3100 can be folded flat, while the higher end SHL3200 and 3300 can be folded into more compact forms.

    2000mW high power handling

    High power handling hands you high performance - no matter what the volume, no matter what the source. Listen to all your music from MP3 players, smartphones, home audio devices and mixing boards. Even at high volumes, or with high audio input power, delivery is clear and distortion-free.

    40mm neodymium drivers

    Neodymium drivers boast of an outstanding frequency response that imparts crisp high tones, and bass that is effortlessly extended and defined. Sound separation is also remarkably clear, letting you hear each note at precisely the right moment - for a professional touch to track mixing, or for immersive enjoyment of favorites on the go.

    Wide, lightweight headband

    Everything about these headphones spells comfort - from the ergonomic design to the lightweight construction and use of superior materials. Even in extended use, the exceptional comfort lets you enjoy your music to the fullest.

    Soft 85mm diameter cushions

    Indulge in great sound no matter where you are. The 85mm diameter soft cushions create perfect sealing between your ears and the environment, providing excellent noise isolation and enhancing bass notes. Whether you are mixing tracks at a lively party, or simply enjoying favorites on your commute, the earshell cushions ensure you get the best out of your music.


    General Information

      Recommended for Bass
      Form Factor

    Headset Audio Related

      32 ohm
      107 dB

    Physical Dimensions

      609 grams

    In The Box & Warranty

      6 Months