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Panasonic 307 litres 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator, Deep Ocean Sparkle NR-BG311V
Key Features
  • Smart Cooling Technology
  • 20% Bigger Fresh Safe vegetable case
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Anti-bacteria and deodorizing
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  • Warranty: 2 Years manufacturer warranty
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You’re looking at the Panasonic NR-BG311V Double Door refrigerator. Measuring, 68.1 cm in depth, 60 cm in width and 163.5cm in height, this 307-litre refrigerator is suitable for 6 or more members, and can be placed in the kitchen and dining area. The upper part of the refrigerator consists of a freezer compartment while the lower part comprises of a fridge compartment. The freezer offers ample of storage to store items like; dry-fruits, ice-creams, frozen yoghurt, cottage cheese, frozen peas etc. The fridge compartment consists of adjustable strong tempered glass shelves that can withstand the load of up to 100 kg which means, you can easily store heavy pots, large utensils as well as adjust the height of the shelf for efficient storage. The vegetable case in the fridge compartment offers ample space to store a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. It also comes with a humidity control slider, which lets you manually control the humidity level depending on the amount and type of vegetable and fruit stored. The surround cooling airflow in this refrigerator softly wraps each of the items and cools them evenly. The neatly designed door pockets in the fridge and freezer compartments are designed to store boxes of spices. The AG anti-bacterial filter eliminates 99.9 per cent bacteria inside the fridge compartment. Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves odour inside the fridge. This Panasonic refrigerator comes with ECONAVI Inverter system and a Microprocessor that analyse the usage conditions and accordingly adjust the motor's rotation frequency, thereby providing optimum cooling.

Smart Cooling Technology
The ECONAVI INVERTER system is a unique Panasonic technology that provides optimum operation while saving energy. It will help improve your lifestyle, without having to make any sacrifices.

Working together for optimum operation
ECONAVI sensors detect conditions of use, and a microprocessor analyses them. Using the results of this analysis, the INVERTER compressor adjusts the rotation frequency of the motor to optimize cooling performance.

Saving energy without doing anything
The ECONAVI INVERTER system memorizes the pattern of use for 3 weeks, and analyses and predicts the conditions of use every hour of each day. Based on this prediction and actual conditions of use, it decides on the ideal operation to save energy.

20% bigger Fresh Safe vegetable case
The large capacity vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with ideal humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh and juicy longer.

Three step easy humidity control
With humidity control slider you are able to manually control the ideal humidity depending on the amount stored, as well as the types of vegetables and fruit.

Fresh, crisp vegetables
Thanks to the airtight structure with gaskets and humidity controller, the ideal humidity for vegetables is maintained. Also, cold air isn't blown directly onto vegetables, so they are cooled gently.

Gentle surround cooling
Cold air from the rear panel is blown to the sides to surround stored items. This surround cooling airflow softly wraps each of the items and cools them evenly.

Specially designed for boxed spices
Door pockets are designed to enable neat vertical/horizontal storage of boxed spices in the fridge and vertical storage in the freezer.

Height adjustable shelves
You can adjust the height of the shelf for more efficient storage and convenience.

100kg tempered glass shelves
The strong tempered glass shelves can withstand loads of up to 100kg, so you can put in stew pots, large bottles and other heavy items as they are.

Anti-bacteria and deodorizing
Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, deactivating 99.9% of mold and bacteria inside the fridge compartment. This effect is semi-permanent so there's no need to replace it. Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant odors.

Reliable Japanese quality
Our mission is to furnish refrigerators that are easy to use, tough to break, and which provide long and loyal use.

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General Information
    307 litres
    Refrigerator Capacity
    224 litres
    Refrigerator Type
    Frost Free
    Refrigerator Style
    Double Door Refrigerator
Refrigerator Operations
    Refrigerator - Interior Lamp
    Refrigerator Shelf Type
    Vegetable & Fruit Drawer
Freezer Related
    Freezer Capacity
    83 litres
    BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer
    Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
    Freezer - Shelf Type
    Tempered Glass
Certificates & Ratings
    BEE STAR Rating
    3 Star
Power Details
    Power Supply
    230 V
Physical Dimensions
    68.1 cms
    60 cms
    163.5 cms
    54000 grams
    Deep Ocean Sparkle
In The Box & Warranty
    2 Years
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