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Buy Graphic Tablet Online at Best Price in India

In today's era, everything you see around is digitalized. Whether designers or artists, you'll find every single individual taking advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of drawing tablets. They are super portable and work flawlessly with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Different artists who choose less waste will be thrilled with the paperless feature of drawing tablets.

Various drawing tablets in the market are used the most by beginners and advanced artists. If you're here looking out for the best Graphic Tablet, we're giving you the best hacks & knacks on choosing the right one.

Features Of Graphic Tablet

1.     Resolution

The quality of your digital art will solely depend upon the goal of your drawing tablet. Resolution is estimated by lines per inch (LPI); the higher your tablet's goal, the more details you can do with your art. A higher resolution also means you can be more exact with your pen developments, leading to smoother lines and curves and better pen control.

2.    Size of Active Area

Drawing tablets come in various sizes. Some can be basically as little as a portion of a letter-sized paper; others can be as wide as an 11-inch PC. It is important to consider the tablet's active area size. Basically, a bigger active area allows you to chip away at bigger drawings without zooming in and out constantly. Tablets with larger functional areas are ideally suited for real estate concept sketches.

3.    Right Controls

If you're someone who uses a drawing tablet a lot, it will be beneficial to have buttons that can easily be customised depending on your requirements. These controls help with starting, zooming in and out, undoing previous actions, etc. These controls are doable with shortcuts on your computer keyboard.

4.    Pressure Sensitivity

The most vital part of creating quality artwork. With the help of varying lines, you get depth, shadow, greater dimensions, highlights, etc. It's like using a darker shade of pencil or charcoal that gives you the perfect dark shade with thin strokes giving you great detailed work. The only difference? Here, it's all done with a digital brush.

5.    Stylus Pen Type

The stylus pen comes in different types, that you can choose from depending upon the battery-powered, electromagnetic resonance (EMR), and rechargeability. Let's look into the types.

       Battery-powered types that run on AAA batteries

Thicker and comfortable for smaller hands

       Electro-magnetic Resonance (EMR)

The newest pen-type to wirelessly draw power from the tablet. They don't need to be charged.

       Rechargeable Stylus Pens

Much slimmer and portable as compared to battery-powered ones.

Things to Look for Before Purchasing your Graphic Tablet

1. OS & Software Compatibility

How compatible is the tablet with other devices like windows, mac, and other versions of Linux?

2. The budget plays a part too.

Depending on your requirement and need, you can choose from the various recommendations as the best high-end, the best upper division, the best for colourists, the best for beginners, best mid-range.

3. Browsing in-person

Having a quick errand in the store is far a greater idea than browsing your stuff on the internet. Purchasing your graphic tablet from a physical store will give you a real feel and experience than just viewing it online.

Benefits Of Buying a Graphic Tablet

Lots of custom settings

The graphic tablet is well-equipped with lots of custom settings once the option is viewed and clicked and the programs and set up. These custom settings allow you to have a smooth drawing tablet functioning.

Pressure Discovery

The pen created for drawing tablets takes into account pressure detection technology. A great sensitive pen can also be used to trace current printed images as it detects the pressure in the paper which is important in copying older work or drawing into a digital medium.

Connects easily to the computer

Hold a super easy way to connect your PC using a USB. There are also wireless models available in the market today for fast and stressless work.


Unlike the standard click-on or off, graphic tablets can quantify the minimal measure of power giving amazing control. Then again, could also give roll and pitch inputs for great brush control. Controls could be changed to fit the style of your work.

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